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Quotes: "I walked through hell once, I won't go through it from you."
Name: Annabelle
Gender: F
Species: Half Demon
Sexuality: bi 
Occupation: runaway
Appearance: she has brown hair and red eyes, along with being somewhat tall. 
Powers/Abilities:has all the basic demon powers, just not as strong and fast, aong with being good with any weapon you give her. 
Backstory:she was abused by her step mom and dad. Her dad was tricked by her biological mother into sex, creating her. Her dad and step mother have abused her for as long as she can remember and so, she ran away from home after the death of her little sister, who was pure human. She was abused to death, bya flying beerbottle. She couldn't take it after that and ran away.
Personality: she's shy and quiet and normally has her nose in a book.
Likes: bubbly people, books, cheerfulness
Dislikes: pain, yelling, cold, fighting, rudeness

((Art not mine))

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(inspired by The Giver)

In a hospital's maternity birthing ward laid a young woman in a bed. The society/community/government called her Mother 114. She had brought her fetus to full term and was ready to give birth. The government knows the sex of the baby or babies but this essential Surrogate Mother is unaware.

In this Society, a Birthing Mother has to have three pregnancies and has to do it in three consecutive years. After she has delivered three pregnancies, then she becomes a Laborer. This is Mother 114's first pregnancy.

Mother 114's legal name is Alexandra. She is 5'4" tall, 124 lbs, is between the age of 17 and 24, has long light brown hair and brown eyes. After Lexie gives birth, the baby will be whisked away to the Nurturing Center where newborns stay and are cared for by male and female Caretakers/Caregivers/Nurturers until the infant is placed in a Household Family Unit by the government.

Lex was transported to this room a couple of hours ago when she reached forty weeks gestation. She is seated on the bed when you walk through the sliding door to the room wearing a white lab coat and blue scrubs.

"Who are you?" the young pregnant Birthing Mother asks you 

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Ellie is a vloger she is loves talking about her life and little fun activities in the middle.. one of her fans ask her if she has heard of a K-pop band named BTS.. Ellie looked up this band and fell in love with them.. especially this one boy name Jungkook. She looked to see if they have a consert or fan signing. And there was one close by.*

Few days later she shows up at this fan signing event.. she could speak Korean and can understand stand them knowing her dad is Korean. She got to end of the line and it was Jungkook smiling at her and talking to her asking her name it's Ellie she says to him smiling and watches him write. He gives back her book as she sees a number inside that says text/call me in Korean

A blush comes to her cheeks it nice to finally meet you Jungkook she says in English this time and waves bye to him

She get back to her hotel room and puts her camera on in a happy painting voice
"Guys you won't believe what just happened a few hours ago.. I got all the BTS members autographs and one special one and that is jungkooks number! He gave me his number..she get interrupted by a ding on her phone seeing is it jungkook texting her as he said he wanted to get to know me more and maybe go out sometime what should I do.. he just.. ask me out.. she smiles more at her phone and the text she received

Few months past and Ellie and jungkook are well boyfriend and girlfriend .. Ellie in the US and jungkook in Korea.. she keeps checking her phone for text from him " and love me and your mom are going out for the weekend you okay by your self? My dad ask me as he puts things by the door with my mom of course dad I'll be right here! I'll be doing vlogs and stuff and maybe talk to jungkook over FaceTime (or Skype) she smiles and waves bye to them when they leave

Few hours past and there was nothing from jungkook or any of the members.. then she hears a knock on the door and hurries to get it as she is in her Pjs and her eyes widen as she sees jungkook at her apprtment y-your here.. in the US.. she smiles wide at him

(3+ lines)
(Male needed)
(Hope you like it! I really like this group you can look them up if you want!)
(Jungkook is below)
(Long term RP)
(I'll do few repost)
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Would anyone like to do a pregnancy role play

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Hey please please help me I don't know what else to do. 
I need somewhere to start as you can read I'm searching for a childhood friend he should be at least in his early 20's and mix (Black and I'm not sure what the other half is) I was hoping if we share this all over the web there might be a chance that he'll see this. I tried other way but since I don't know his last name I'm always at a dead end. I hope you will help out. Thank you! 

Name:Lilly Osorio
Likes: Kindness, accents, musicians
Dislikes: Smokers, liars, mean people, bitterness
Bio: She's very shy and a little scared of people, but when she opens up she can get loud and act silly, but for the most part she keeps to herself but when people do talk to her, she triesto be sweet. Don't let it cool you though, she can fight and right well.
Looks: she has long, dark blue hair and bright blue eyes. When her wings are out (she can hide them) they also have a light blue tint to them.

Anyone want to do a pregnancy RP with me? 

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تبا لجارتي .فانا اثمل عندما ترمي اخرقطعة من ثيابها
وتقول لي گ الخمر نحن كلما زاد عمرنا زادت لـذتنا

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بين انوثتك .. شىء مــا يُربكنـى .. فلا أنا آستطيع أن آتكلــم .. ولا آستطيـــع أن آصمـت.. ورغـم آنى لــم آراك... لكن عينــاي تعشـق كل ما فيك ..
حَبيبتــى ،،،،
خُذينــى واجذبينــــى ..،
من جوارك الى اعماقك..،،~
دعينى حبيبتــى أكون..
حياتك .. روحك .. همسك .. عشقك .. عطرك ..
دعينى أكون وجودك ..
أذوب فيكى...
أسرى فى عروقــــك ..
أنبضُ بشوق.

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