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Always keep checking the rules for updates!


~This RP community takes place AFTER the books.

~We/I have a three strikes system for doing things against the rules.

~This is a PG community. No inappropriate behavior, as in sexuality. If you want to swear, label your post PG-13. If you don't want to see swearing, DON'T MAKE, GET INVOLVED IN, OR READ PG-13 POSTS!

~No Canon/Real characters


~If you want to share your own communities, ask a mod or owner

~You can share this community however much you'd like

~RP and discussion are the main point of this community.

~You've got 5000 gold pieces. Your first character is free, but must be human. After that, start paying up! Humans cost 1000, Dwarves cost 1500, Urgals cost 2000, Kull cost 2250, Werecats cost 2500, and Elves cost 2750. Try to restrain yourself to five characters at a time. If one of your characters die, (yes, your characters can die), your points will be refunded. If your original/free character dies, you will not be given pieces. Do not kill off characters on purpose.

~No text talk. Lol, ttyl, and things like that are frowned upon.

~Mod or Owner must approve your character

~Every once and a while update your character if they have had something change about them.

~Be descriptive!

Character Profile:


NAME ---
AGE ---
NICKNAME --- (Optional)
BIRTHDAY --- (Optional)
LIVING QUARTERS --- (Leave this blank)
HAIR ---
EYES ---
SKIN ---
CLOTHES --- (Optional)


NICKNAME - (Optional)
BIRTHDAY - (Optional)

You can copy/paste this list.

RPing is acting as a character you've made and making a story from it.

Here are the symbols you use when RPing:

You have to mark at the beginning of a post whether the post is from a dragon's perspective or a rider's perspective.
((open with dragon/rider)) means anyone can join the rp
((Closed to __ with dragon/rider)) means only ___ can join the rp
Put * around sentences to mark actions, put _ around them to mark thoughts, and use both to symbolize a dragon speaking. Normal text is talk. doing ((this)) means your talking to the real person. EX:
Sarah whipped out her sword. This guy looks tough.

All of the species are different in Alagaësia. They have special and unique abilities. This applies when you are making your characters. You should only use strengths that apply to your species. I have made a list of each species and the abilities you can use for them below.

-Stength of Will/Determination
-High Intelligence

-High Intelligence

-Ferocious in Battle
-Very Strong
-High Intelligence

-Ferocious in Battle
-Extremely Strong
-High Intelligence
-Good Leaders

-High Intelligence
-Shift into Cats
(Special Note)-Werecats are NOT Riders

-Extremely Quick
-Extremely Strong
-High Intelligence
-Skilled In Magic
-Tree Singing

Rider to Dragon Communication:
Anyone familiar with this series should know that Riders and Dragons share a close bond. When you roleplay with your character, you are also roleplaying with your dragon. When the rider and dragon communicate, they should speak telepathically with thoughts. The Rider can openly speak in English to his/her dragon, but the dragon can't talk out loud. Also, be aware that the dragon's can talk to other riders have learned to do such a thing.

Living Quarters Rosters:
Living Quarters Rosters are just posts that ask people in a certain Living Quarter to state their character's names' that are in that certain living Quarter.

Living Quarters:
Special thanks to +Noe Perry-Greene for the following ideas for living quarters!

You will be assigned a living quarter when you are Approved.

ARUCANE: Means Endless fire, living fire in the ancient language. People in this dorm-house-thing are bold, proud, and warm (accepting and friendly)

BREOAL: Means family, house in the ancient language. The Riders in this dorm-house-thing are very bright, friendly, gentle, and accepting.

CELÖBRA: Means honor in the ancient language. These Riders are fair, (equal) brave, loyal, and true to their word.

DATIA: Means mists in the ancient language. These Riders are mysterious, quiet, and silent.

EVARÍNYA: Means stars in the ancient language. These Riders are often times beautiful/handsome, cheerful, friendly, and sometimes rather mysterious.

GARM: Means wolf in the ancient language. These Riders are swift, silent, brave, and sharp.

If you have any questions, comment below or ask me, (TheBookworm K), or +Noe Perry-Greene in The Talk of Riders tab.

Some Backstory for this RP community:

Ok people- Time for....

Share for your character!

1. Name three things in nature you find beautiful. Be specific.

2. What do you do in your free time?

3. Do you prefer herbal tea or spiced tea?

4. What is your middle name?

Hey, +TheBookworm K!

I was wondering if, as a moderator, or just as a member, if I could make a teacher profile.

I've heard that Eragon is teaching, but wouldn't there be multiple teachers? If so, please tell me what they would teach. A couple subject ideas I had if there were different classes...

Runes (reading and writing, general understanding)
Dragon Behavior and Care (for Riders, mainly)
The Ancient Language (it's history, spoken word, and writing)
Physical Combat (exploring different weapons and training yourself physically)
Magic (general, but focuses on certain topics; i.e. combat magic, elemental magic, healing magic, etc)
Geography (unsure about this one, but it would be learning about Alagaësia, the different species, and their cultures)
Mental Training (learning how to guard your mind and speak with it)

Please tell me what you think!

(( Open to +Captain Jack Rackham (The Tracker) and +Maeve (Dark Fae Goddess) ))

Sasha walks through the library, breathing in the scent of old books and upholstery. Sitting in a plush armchair, she stares out a large window and lets her mind daydream as the sun streaks through the glass and casts tiny prisms around the library.

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Since this community is semi active now, thought it was time to add another rider to the mix


NAME --- Kazhak
AGE --- 22
NICKNAME --- none
BIRTHDAY --- 20th May
GENDER --- Ram (M)
SPECIES --- Urgal/Urgralgra (Kull)
PERSONALITY --- Brash, confident, mistrusting
BIOGRAPHY --- Kazhak was part way through training when Zhâda’s egg hatched for him, choosing him to be the first horned rider. He was especially elated when Zhâda chose an Urgralgra name instead of an elven one, and grew incredibly attached to his dragon companion. The moment Zhâda grew big enough, the two of them travelled to the island to begin their training, bringing the family Namna with him and vowing to detail his story as a rider upon it. Currently, Kazhak is the only Urgralgra rider on the island, and bears the immense pressure of being the first of his kind to ride a dragon in history.
LIKES --- Fighting, rain, watching the dragons interact, being treated fairly, weaving
DISLIKES --- reading, being ridiculed, those who act like he is a monster, being attacked
HAIR --- Black
EYES --- Yellow
SKIN --- Grey
CLOTHES --- Kazhak wears a loincloth much of the time, but also has adorned his shoulders and torso with the pelt of a black bear. In battle he wears light armour.
WEAPON OF CHOICE --- His greatsword, Ithrö
STRENGTHS --- Sword fighting, archery, strength
WEAKNESSES --- Agility or being able to calculate his opponent’s moves and abilities. He often attacks without thinking first and is not very good at using magic given the alien nature of the Ancient Language.


NAME --- Zhâda
AGE --- 5 months
GENDER --- female
PERSONALITY --- strong, stubborn, calming, motherly to Kazhak. Zha is more receptive to others than Kazhak is, but still acts with caution when necessary.
LIKES --- Kazhak, hunting, the anticipation before battle, being treated kindly, meeting other dragons
DISLIKES --- Prejudice, people with a superiority complex, aggressive dragons
EYES --- Gold
SCALE COLOR - Red and Gold

(( Open to +Captain Jack Rackham (The Tracker) ))

Sasha is sitting in a small grassy clearing, practicing spells on a leaf. Ehecatl lays next to her, dozing.

+TheBookworm K asked for random chitchat, so I give you... RANDOM CHITCHAT, PART 1! Answer for your character.

1. What makes you bored?

2. Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

3. What is your favorite flower?

4. Do you enjoy riding horses?

(( Open! I need some RP action!))
Sasha walks over to the stables to meet the new foal who had been born. Ehecatl told her he smelled newborn horse when passing yesterday, and indeed, when she went inside the large wooden structure, in the back there was a small foal. After saying hello to the newly dubbed "Draumr" (Dream), Sasha began to groom her favorite pony in the stable, Cloud, a small but speedy quarter horse. Thoughts drifted drearily through her head as she combed Cloud's mane. I wish I had someone to talk to.

Ugh. Activity. Why is it so dang hard to get on enough? Anyways, lets get some creativity flowing! Any RP's, Ideas, or random chit chat would be nice at the moment. My brain needs the freedom of writing write now. Ba dum chhhhh

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NAME --- Pyria
AGE --- 17
NICKNAME --- Ice Woman
BIRTHDAY --- January 5
GENDER --- Female
SPECIES --- Human
PERSONALITY --- Silent, keeps to herself, cold as ice to some people and rather mysterious. She speaks when spoken to only.
BIOGRAPHY --- When she first became a Dragon Rider, she had been captured and put in an Ice dungeon, hence her nickname, for many years. Her dragon, Misty, was sent somewhere, her only memory of Pyria was her look of despair as she was torn away from Misty. When she was rescued some three years later, she was noticeably different from three years ago. The villagers she had lived with said that she was always happy and carefree. Now, she was closed off to everyone but Misty. And the villagers always said she never wore a mask and that her eyes were blue, but now she does. If you should take off her mask, or catch her without it, you could see that whatever torture she went through for three years turned her eyes golden. A villager friend of Pyria's stated that before Pyria found Misty's egg, she admired and feared the Riders. She learned the ancient language and when she speaks to the others, she sometimes lapsed into the ancient language. It was also stated that the day Misty hatched for Pyria, someone told a spy about the egg and soldiers ransacked that village in search of Pyria. That was when she was 14.
LIKES --- Misty, singing, dancing, training, hunting, doing acrobatics and riding on her dragon.
DISLIKES --- Any enemy, rude people, talking in general
HAIR --- Silver
EYES --- Unknown since she always wears a mask now.
SKIN --- White
CLOTHES --- In the pic
WEAPON OF CHOICE --- A silver Dragon Rider's Sword she named Svell/Ice.
STRENGTHS --- Unknown
WEAKNESSES --- She will take a hit for a friend on impulse, having no thought of her own life.
FRIENDS --- Unknown
ENEMIES --- Unknown


NAME - Misty
AGE - 3
GENDER - Female
PERSONALITY - Complete opposite of Pyria.
LIKES - Everything about Pyria
DISLIKES - Anything that had happened to Pyria.
EYES - Gold
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