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Hi guys,

Welcome to Apex Launcher Beta testing program. Here are the instructions on how to get in the beta:

1. Join Apex Launcher Google+ Community : You must be a member of this group to get beta updates. Make sure that you use the same Google account you use for Google Play.

2. Become a Tester: Visit this link ( and click Become a Tester to opt in for beta updates:

3. Install Apex Launcher: Download Apex Launcher from Google Play to update to the latest beta version. You could also download latest beta APK here: You should now be able to update Apex Launcher to the beta version.

4. Please post your feedback in our Google+ Community with the tag #BetaTest#

Finally, a few things to note:
- Before starting step 2, be sure to join this Google+ community using the same Google account that you use for Google Play.
- If you cannot get the beta version update, try restarting your mobile device. If it still does not work, try uninstalling and then re-installing the latest version from Google Play. You may want to make a backup from the Apex settings before doing so.
- If you would like to return to the stable version, open this page and click the Leave the program link. After leaving the test, you need to uninstall the test version and re-install the stable version from Google Play.

Thank you for testing Apex Launcher Beta!

Apex Launcher Team

I add the feature swipe to shutdown Double ekra

My music widget for PlayerPro or PowerAmp don't appear to be updating. This only seems to happen when playing through Bluetooth. Strange bug. I'm on an LG V20 running 7.0. It will update and show the current artist and album if I am not connected via Bluetooth but as soon as it connects, it stops updating as tracks, albums, artists change. Quite odd. 

I talked with one of the devs!
Don't lose hope guys! They just had a busy week!

I think we could expect answers from next week :)

App doesn't work with icon pack studio... It sure needs an updated icon selecting system

I'm getting alot of redraws and crashing. Samsung Note 5 running 7.0 

All icons are the same size @home screen @ Nova. In Apex I have big and small icons...

Testing 3.2.0 and noticed same "bug" as with 3.1.0

If I start/press icon on home screen the icon or background doesn't change. So no feedback that I pressed it. Same with icons in group on home screen.

When I do this in the app drawer the app icon becomes dark if I press it.

In version 2.1.0 I had no problem with it.

I can't get beta version for days, I have followed all the instructions..
Does it even run on 5.1.1?

Swiping through drawer tabs isn't smooth anymore. It's very jarry and hangs up. Plz fix 
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