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Hope everybody's having a great weekend. On the social side, here's what we have plans to do this weekend. In the DFW area, it's actually COOL here (WEIRD!!!!!!) for a change, so we're going to dredge out a pond, and then put rocks against one side that is eroding the land around it. We have ducks and geese that use that pond and I want to get it deep enough that the ducks can dive under the water. Everybody remembers the Daffy Duck cartoons where he skitters across a lake, yes? Ducks are JUST LIKE THAT! So cute! How are you spending YOUR weekend? 

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Starting in 15 at 7:00 cst for about an hour-this is for the Smith DNA project, general topics. #hangoutpost

We will be having a Smith chat tomorrow night (Thursday 7/3/2014) at 7:00 pm CST for about an hour. General topics. 

Do you watch FIFA world cup? We are! Netherlands vs Mexico today

Chat tonight at 7:00 CST - will be putting up a hangout and sending ani invitation to all who are members of this community-so if you want to be notified, make sure to join. General topics (6/5/2014)

I bit the bullet and got an mtdna and a FamilyFinder kit. I have long believed the value of these particular kits is either, in the case of mtDNA, if you want to look at your ancestral maternal origins and,for FF, you need to have some pretty close relatives to compare with. My granduncle is going FF, so I decided to do it too and see if we find anything interesting. He doesn't have my Smith so I can't tell anything from that but the other lines should be intersting. 

Let's talk about SNPS. I'd love to hear your opinion about them,which ones you had tested and why, and any questions or discussion. First, here's my opinion coming strictly from the position of YDNA being the primary thing I enjoy. There are 2 reasons I can see someone getting SNPs done. One is if you are interested in your deep ancestry, like, what part of the world did you originate in, etc. There are some really great SNP projects at FamilyTreeDNA that take people of ANY surname to compare with and we always recommend that you find the one that is best for you and join it. The second reason is if someone you are already grouped with has done a SNP and you want to specifically compare with that person. The good news about the changes to the haplogroups, ie, shortened haplogroups is that you will be able to see the terminal place that your DNA has been analyzed to. We will also have this on the custom charts that Smiths uses and it will show in the groupings. 
So... if you have done SNPs, what was your criteria, what were you looking for, etc? 

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Interesting article about DNA copying. I was told much the same thing about basal cell carcinoma

My own personal favorite way to communicate via video internet has been Skype for years. At one point, you could have up to 9 people in a group to chat, then they decided to charge people monthly for that option. Yesterday, Microsoft (that bought Skype) announced that they are no longer charging but going to let anyone do the group (up to 9 or 10 people). I'm going to test it this weekend
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