I stood in the armory loading a few shells in my combat shotgun. You decided to go in the armory as well. You than-
Sorry I forgot

Rp anyone?

Name: Pinky
Age: 241
Gender: Male
Demon type: Pinky
Demon abilities:can charge
Personality: Very aggressive
Likes: Killing stuff
Dislikes: Marines...and any thing that doesn't look like a demon
Bio: Classified...

Death by B.F.G
Was an overconfident ass that met his end in a terrible way...

So now I must make a new character ...like a non prowler demon?

a Demonic Invasion was going on once again. I was running around shooting things with my combat shotgun. You saw me and you-
+Freddy Fazbear

Well people I think we have been raided for no reason because there are no templates, some of the profiles are deleted, and some rps are deleted. I'm gonna make a new template

Powers/abilities:Can grapple on to any surface, Can go invisible
Likes:Teasing and terrifying humans before he kills them

(I'm new here and I wanna make a demon can I make like a cyber demon?)

Hey anyone wanna do rp???
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