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frisian horse for free adoption
He adapts quickly to situations and environments. monono is over 14.3HH
5 years,8months old with a lot of riding experience. He is sound
of mind and body and willing to learn. He has had many years of
training and lessons in dressage with show experience. He also rides
western and huntseat. He loves his grooming time and is great for the
vet and farrier. He travels very well, and is easy to attend events or
clinics with. He gets along well with other horses and doesn't have
any aggression issues.

Monono is broke, what an easy horse, yet NOT lazy. He is excellent
in new surroundings and has been a super show horse ----he loves the
wow of the arena.monono is super, and big, and sports a long neck and
is a great mover, good as a family horse, and would be great for the
dressage arena:)

He has never had a lame day in his life. Used to being ridden by
himself, and goes out on the trails individually, but does well in
groups as well.monono is the kind of horse you could let stand for a
month and just go out and get on him and he would be good to go.

He comes with a recent pre-purchase exam! I want monono to go to a good
home, where someone will really love and dote on him. He is a "Black
horse !! If you are looking for a reasonably priced
friesian gelding that is safe and very level headed, you need to look
at this horse.

He has been owned by an AMATEUR rider and he was a good horse for her
challenging, yet level headed, easy to travel with and go places.
They traveled together a lot -- once or twice a week to lessons, and
nearly every weekend to a show or clinic, so he has lots of trailer
miles and has seen lots of new places and sights
send me a text at (201) 580-6281 if interested or an email at

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This is my Icelandic- Chicken Nugget.
He loves to do equine therapy.
The little boy, Tyler, loves to ride Nugget because he has so much action in his gait that it exercises his little core.  Tyler was told that he could not walk, but with the help of this faithful little horse, he is now walking with a walker.  A true miracle for this little guy.  There is never a dry eye when he is at the farm because Tyler is doing what was told, he would never be able to do.
These horses are so awesome!

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Hi I don't own an Icelandic horse but hope to someday.
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