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Hello community. I propose you to discover a world of tractors. good visit.

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A Concise Overview of My Artwork for those who may want a quick introduction.

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I have a new one collection it's Black and White theme, I want to share there image to all of you and show the real actions in one image.

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Hello everyone this a new one that i create my own collection, i think is better but i want anyone feedback on my works and my collection are strong or weak.
I create this collection for the photographer like the camera smart phone for take a picture i will show you about some tricks and editing.

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Les petits villages pittoresques et rustiques racontent l'histoire de la vie d'autrefois .....Certains Classés à UNESCO ainsi que certaines parties de la région classée au Patrimoine mondiale et de nature dont les Gorges du Tarn et les Cévennes ....

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How to make a hashtag theme

Create member +Margaret Tompkins tells us about creating special interest themes to spark engagement around our favorite topics. She recommends focusing on themes we’re enthusiastic about and using descriptive hashtags that are simple and easy to remember. See details here:

Give Margaret’s suggestion a try!

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6/30/18 - Hello everyone! My interest in photography has grown by leaps and bounds. In the collection, My Photo Journal, I will be sharing personal photos of people, places and things mostly in chronological order. The collection showcases photos from my recent visit to Israel. Feel free to comment and ask questions. Thank-you!

© Babette Plana

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Top #CreateConnections Tips - featuring +Nina Trankova
Conversation and Connections.

Create member +Nina Trankova shared her advice on sparking conversation and connections by asking questions. See Nina’s top tips below.

Do a little research before asking
Before asking someone your first question, get to know them a little bit by reading the "About me" section on their profile. Take note of any shared interests from what they post and comment.

Make it all about them
Focus on what the other person cares about. As an example, start with a polite question about their opinion on a specific post, ideally about a topic they’re interested in. Use the comments section of the post. People generally respond positively when asked about their opinion. To spark ideas, think of questions about “who, what, when, where, why,” or ”how.”

Use polls for large groups
If you’re asking a large group a question, try using the poll feature. Yes/No polls are inclusive and beneficial for sparking questions and connections. I like using polls that have ongoing relevance and remain active for a long time. Simple yes/no polls are also easier for people to follow and can overcome language barriers. Here’s an example:

Ask question in your posts
You can also use a question in the title of a post to spark interest - for instance, ask peoples’ opinions about travel, food, or other universally appealing topics. If you’re talking to an audience with a specific interest, ask them a question on that topic. Here’s an example I’ve used: "Have you danced on the ice at Lago di Braies in winter?"

You can also add an engaging .GIF or other image to go along with your question. For example, you could ask “did you have fun?” paired with this .GIF:

Ask from the heart
Be respectful, polite, professional, neutral, and genuine. These best practices help to drive a good conversation, attract more attention and more contacts.

Respect the silence
Users may choose to remain silent for many different reasons, but that doesn't automatically make them unwanted contacts. We can do the best when we don't judge silence. The reason for silence could simply be that the person does not wish to disclose private information.

Bonus Tips
1. Plan your questions
2. Know your purpose
3. Open conversation
4. Speak your listener's language
5. Use neutral wording
6. Follow general questions with specific ones
7. Focus your questions so they ask one thing at a time
8. Ask only essential questions

A big thank you to Nina and all those who participated and followed along with the conversation. +Azlin Bloor, +Monika Schmidt, +Florian Castlunger, +Monika Fuchs, +Vaishno Chaitanya, +Brigitte Uras, +Rune Holthen, +Sabine Mey-Gordeyns, +nomad dimitri and +Teodora Petkova.

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I have created 50 news collections. The most popular is "Chat and Messaging". I was surprised by that, but I guess people search for "chat" and that way find my collection. The collection is about chat apps, like popular WhatsApp and Snapchat, Facebook's Messenger, Apple's FaceTime and iMessage, Google's Duo, China's WeChat, secure chat Viber, private chat Signal, work chat Slack, open source client Telegram, and game chat Discord. It also mentions discontinued services, like Yahoo! Messenger (June 2018) and AOL Messenger (2017). It tells about new chat services, like Reddit's chatrooms, Yahoo's Squirrel and Mozilla Hubs. But the collection is not just about chat apps. Messaging can mean text messages (Android, iOS), the classic IRC network and even chatbots.

What kind of collections people share here? I looked at some examples, and seems like it's about blogs, photos, poetry and even music. My collections are just news collections, so I guess they are off limits?
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