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Guess what, everyone! Our Swag Store is now open for DC 13MAGNUS Reawakens Swag!

Check it out at

Support the anomaly, and look stylish while doing it today!

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This banner was recently approved. It is all at the San Antonio Botanical Center. Be prepared with HS and MH as there are few portals to work with at the botanical center. Missions 2-10 are cap/upgrade of the same 6 portals so only do what is prompted. This is titled Green Fairy.

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New banner that takes you through the southside of San Antonio was approved recently. All portals can be hit from the street so no walking required. Only limitation is for missions 5-7 that go through the Mission Reach south of Military and accessible only during daylight hours.

Starting point is near Alamo and Presa St.

!!!! DON'T FORGET !!!!

If you are journeying to San Antonio this weekend to participate in Mission Day, you have to make sure to check out at the Alamo Ice House, starting at 4 p.m. and continuing until 7 p.m.

If you don't, there will be no badge awarded to you.

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Thank u greatly for the add

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We are looking forward to the first official Niantic xfac meet-ups of the year! Below is the official list of cities who will be host to the first #NL1331 events of the year. We are also glad to be attending the Jacksonville #MissionDays at the the end of January. While NL1331's mission is currently unknown it is known that a #FindtheKlue dead drop will happen in each city the day of or the day before the event. Look to the official +November Lima​​ g+ page for hints and addition we will also be doing a stats competition at each event for 5 Klue character badges.

Nl1331 cities: links coming soon
1-10-2017 Tuesday Austin, TX
1-11-2017 Wednesday Houston, TX
1-13-2017 Friday San Antonio, TX
1-15-2017 Sunday Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
1-17-2017 Tuesday Albuquerque, NM
1-19-2017 Thursday Phoenix, AZ
1-20-2017 Friday Tucson, AZ
1-22-2017 Sunday San Diego, CA
1-24-2017 Tuesday Los Angeles, CA
1-28-2017 Saturday Jacksonville, FL (Mission Day)

Klue Stats competion categories
1. Resonators destroyed for the week
2. Resonators deployed for the week
3. Links created for the week
4. Hacks for the month
5. Mods deployed for the month

One winner per category. Can only win once per event. Winners are chosen without regard to faction.

+Ingress​​ #Nl1331 #FindtheKlue

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Be careful all you PoGo'ers, always be aware of your surroundings.

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I've reached level 10 as an #Ingress agent.

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We call on all those (globally) who are unable to attend the memorial service for Joe, to take a moment out ... set your factions aside with scanners down and a final COMM to @Delta102 #RIPJoe with a one minute scanner silence.

7pm (BST) coincides with the official memorial at 11am Pacific time ... adding the event to your calendar should adjust the event time to your local zone.

Invite your teammates and spread word.
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