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This should be pretty cool. If anyone wants to join in (not just watch) just let me know? 
A show for preppers by preppers about what we are all doing.

Everyone’s situation is different and while many aspects of prepping are universal, one size does not fit all.

- Different guests every show.
- From Bloggers to everyday preppers & survivalists like you.
- SPTV is about getting different perspectives.
- Learning about what you feel is important.
- Giving a voice to the everyday prepper/survivalist.
- Becoming more prepared and helping each other out along the way.

My vision for the show…

Each week we will have different guests on ranging from the average prepper at home to some of the preparedness experts we all know.
Each show will be on a certain topic and we will have a round table discussion about questions the listeners ask.

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Prepping Ideas - Part 2 - Food

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New prepping series I am doing to cover some common and uncommon preps.

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During an apocalyptic drought, Your trying to find a place to stay for the night and hopefully find supplys. You stumble across a small homestead with a house, shop, and a car on the side of the road. Would you stay in the house, shop, or car, or just keep walking and hopefully find a better place somewere down the cracked road? The choice is yours... 
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Rustic House...
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Small shop...
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Rusty car...
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Cracked road...

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We are excited to team up with the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association “GLREA” ( to combine the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo with the Michigan Energy Fair. Join us at this 2 day festival at the Ingham County Fairgrounds, to find the products and knowledge you need to prepare for emergencies and gain energy self-reliance at the same time. Renewable energy sources, rain barrels, and gardens help us to become more self-sufficient. This can greatly reduce the effect that natural disasters, power failure, or financial hardships have on your household.

This combined show will have the largest selection of Emergency Preparedness & Renewable Energy products and experts in the region. There will be exhibitors with sustainable foods, water filtration, solar panels, wind energy, survival gear, rain barrels, packs, seed banks, alternative heating options, tactical gear, generators, knives, disaster restoration and more! The 2 days will be filled with guest speakers who are experts in Renewable Energy, Homesteading, Survival, & Emergency Preparedness. Camping is available at the fairgrounds. So plan to stay for both days!

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Like this shirt? We are giving away one shirt for each milestone we reach. 250 followers, 250 likes, 500 followers and 500 likes. The winner will be selected at random from the list. Share, like and follow us to help us hit our milestones and win a shirt. (If you have already liked and followed us, great!!! You are entered!)

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In our newest article we discuss winter vehicle disaster preparation through education and a 20 pc. winter car kit.

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Save some money.  Check this out and share it with your friends if you like it!

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