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Welcome to the art and oc community! Everyone is welcome and it is all peace and love here! You can ask for (constructive and respectful) criticism on your art and ocs! You can do auctions, Opta, Ota, etc.


You may advertise commissions Herr. But you cannot advertise YouTube channels or other communities. Your post will be deleted if it contains said contents.

No spam is allowed here. It makes my job harder. (Repost if you care, repost or you'll die, etc.)

No harassment or bullying (2 times this rule is broken and you will be banned. No excuses.)

Stealing/tracing/recoloring art and/or ocs will NOT be accepted. (Do this once and you will be banned immediately)

All ocs are allowed! Do not shame alicorn or recolor ocs, you could hurt the owner's feelings. Please be considerate. Non pony ocs are also allowed as well.

If there is a problem, please tag me or the moderators. Please do not make the problem escalate.

Please do not cause problems yourself.

Please limit swearing and NSFW posts, there could be younger members on this community. (Do this once and your post will be deleted and you will get one warning. The second time you will be banned.)

If you suspect any of the members are stealing, please bring it to my attention, and I will make sure they don't do it again.

For species approval, please tag me (there are no mods yet, so for now, just me)

All pomihei species are automatically approved in this community

If you do not like a person's art/post, keep your opinion to yourself. Insulting the person doesn't help at all. No one needs your negativity.

All fandoms are allowed and loved here. (Mlp, furries/scalies, warrior cats, etc.)

Please credit all bases that you use if possible.

Please refrain from using oc generators to make adopts. It's very non creative.

Before posting a warning on another member/g+ user, please gather enough evidence on what they did so I can keep a watch out for them.

Do not block me or the mods. You will be banned immediately, as this is a sacred rule. No excuses.

For mods

You are not above any of the members here. You must comply with the rules just like myself and every one here.

Do not bully the other members. This will result in your position as moderator being revoked and you will have a warning. The second time, and you will be banned. No excuses.

Before posting a warning on another member/g+ user, please gather enough evidence on what they did so I can keep a watch out for them.

Community banner contest! Everyone participating will submit a picture of a banner that represents this community. It can be a mascot, or anything that comes to mind! Try not to make it so it is a specific oc. Best banner will be featured as the community's banner for 5 months.

Thank you for accepting me ^^
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