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>> Reva Kantar
>> Jacama Village; located on the planet Kolor. It about three in the afternoon and though the sun is blocked by dark gray clouds, it is hot and humid. It's is 1981 for Earth.

Reva was wondering if taking the job was a good idea. Maybe it was just the idea that it was a job since usually, she didn't work for anyone, but she needed money. About two months ago her TARDIS had broken down and needed time to fix itself before she could travel again. She needed money to pay rent and for food. What was wrong with the TARDIS was something she didn't know and that freaked her out more than anything. Squish, Squish, Squish, her boots made rude noises in the murky terrain as trudged through the dense and red colored rainforest. She tugged at her scarf and grumbled about the heat. She should have really made her clothing more breathable. She kept walking and to her surprise came across a small village smack in the middle of the rainforest. It was quite populated and though the buildings of wood and stone looked old, displays of new technology could be seen such as a hoverbike or a man walking with a new communication device around his ear. Exhausted, sweaty, and hungry Reva took off her scarf and made her way to a small looking cafè that appeared to be the only one in the village. She took a seat at a table near a doorway and ordered something similar to a sandwich with water. As she waited she took a piece of folded paper out of her pocket and opened it. On the paper was a picture of the artifact she hunting after. It was a crystal figurine of a woman with squarish features and eyes detailed to give an expression like someone stole her wallet. Carved out was the woman's head and torso along with two arms, which was strange considering that the native species here had four arms. What should have been the lower part of the body was just a chunk of the beautiful crystal. The working theory was that it was an unfinished masterpiece of one of the popular ancient warriors in this planet's history. It was discovered by archeologist but before they could get the statue the ruins it was found in collapsed to a point where it became difficult for an entire team to excavate. Reva shoved the picture back in her pocket, she would have loved to collect it for herself and bring it somewhere, where it could be remembered and awe better, but she really needed the money. Her waitress came by and dropped off her food. She was about to start eating when (to her stomach's disappointment) a person caught her eye. A tall woman with startling blue eyes and dirty blonde hair was sitting at the counter area, where she was twiddled with a pen in boredom. Immediately, Reva was jealous of her which never ever happened, but after regenerating for the first time her own appearance bothering her, especially her height. Then Reva regained control of her emotions and, then approached the woman so she could get over her shameful first reaction. She took a seat next to her and gave her usual greeting to people she didn't know.

"Hey there!" she said perkily and then gave a convincing look of shock, "Oh I am so sorry I thought you were someone else, but do you mind if I sit here?" She pointed down to the seat she was sitting in.

>> Open to anyone
>> The Messenger
>> Texas, Present Day
Title: The Ozark Howler

Ana wasn't sure if going to this camp out was a good idea. She had never been away alone with just her friends and she would definitely never had considered it being outdoors. The car ride there was smooth and quite. Ana peered out of her window at the sun sinking behind a thick collection of large pine trees. Hallie, was the one driving and her other friend Kate was sitting to music in the back of the car. Neither seemed bothered by the idea of going camping without adults (even if Kate had turned 18 a few months ago). Eventually, they pulled into the park and got there parking settled and headed out to on an untamed road into the deep and somewhat foreboding woods. After a while they arrived, their camping spot was small and surrounded in a endless vision of trees. The sun was almost set so the girls quickly got their tent together and started a fire. The Texas night was surprising chilly which was to be expected as December crept up on Ana's puppy calendar at home. For a while, Ana had a hard time adjusting to the feeling like something wasn't quite right it wasn't just the fact that she was here with no supervision. At one point while the girls were roasting marshmallows laughing about the time Kate had once accidentally Judo-flipped a kid for coming up to close to her when a loud, piercing howl echoed in the night, but it wasn't a normal howl it sounded hollow as if it was mixed with a cry of some deer. Ana looked around herself getting slight shivers that crawled under her skin and all over her body. However, after a while, everything calmed down again and the trio continued their night out, which more fun than Ana had expected it to be. It was about 2 am in the morning when the girls called it quits and headed for the tent. Then they never came back home the next morning.
A young man walked into a cafe about ten miles south of the park where the girls had went camping. He was presentably dressed wearing a maroon coat and buttoned up shirt which was black with small white stars on it. He wore black glasses with thick frames and black slacks with brown shoes. On his left side of his body hung a black messenger's bag. Needless to say, he stood out from all of the other people in casual dress in the cafe. He walked in and ordered a lemonade, as he waited he saw a newspaper with large, black, bolded words printed on the front TEENAGE GIRLS STILL MISSING. The young man read the article quickly reading that it had been a week since they were last seen and a large area of the park they were camping at had been off limits. Under the headline was a picture of three teenage girls. One had golden blond hair and blue eyes with a more or less cheerful smile. The name Hallie Kenton was under it. Next to that was a picture of a girl with brown curly hair and hazel eyes with a slighty upturned nose and freakles splashed across her face. The name Kate Willows read below the picture. Finally, there was the last girl, her hair was pulled back into a curly black ponytail and she had warm chocolate eyes and a shy expression likes she wasn't sure if she wanted to smile at the camera or hide from it. The name Ana Gonzalez read below that one. The boy received his lemonade, he took it and left the cafe with drink in one hand and article in the other. You are sitting outside the cafe just trying to take in a rather peaceful day. The young man walks up to you and taps you on the shoulder.

"Sorry, but do you know anything about this?"

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Name: Unknown
Nickname: The Messenger
Age: 315
Regeneration Number: 3
Hometown: Rulivan
Occupation: None
Talents/Skills: Engineer, Electrician, Charismatic, Problem Solver
Birth order: 2nd oldest

Siblings: The Messenger had one older brother and while they didn’t see eye to eye on everything they always had each other’s back. Until the war, which his brother left to fight and eventually died in. The Messenger isn’t sure when or how he died other than it was during the war. It is this that motivated him to steal his father’s TARDIS and leave Eonfrey.

Relationship skills: While this does vary every regeneration The Messenger is usually good with people and can make friends easily. He openly sarcastic and likes to tease his friends after he knows them well.

Height: 5’11
Weight: 128
Race: Dimension Person
Eye Color(Currently): Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Glasses (Currently): He does wear glasses which have black frames.
Skin color: Light Brown
Shape of Face: He has a roundish face that goes into a point.

Short Background: In an alternate dimension the mighty plant Gallifrey had a twin planet (it orbited in the same circle as it did), Eonfrey. The people of this planet were known as Dimension People as they had figured out how to travel to other planes of reality and made it their job to see to it that each dimension carried out its destiny. As the Time Lords of Gallifrey and Dimension People started to explore the others culture and race they became a tightly knitted couple and were the most advanced plants in their universe. Until the war happened. The Daleks started small attacks on Gallifrey which were at first laughable but as the increased frequently and power the Time Lords became distracted with their war. Most of the Dimension people went to help the Gallifrey in the war and leaving their planet a weaker target. So when the Cybermen came and struck Eonfrey the war lasted only a year Eonfrey fell and Gallifrey followed. Only two people survived a young Dimension Person people call The Messenger and a previously well-known renegade Time Lord. The boy renamed his stolen TARDIS, Targus as he felt like it stayed true the original name and it gave the strange voice that came from the TARDIS sometimes a name not to mention he thought it fit as it disguised itself permanently as a Messenger’s Bag but he wasn’t quite sure why...

Outfit: He wears different long sleeve button up shirts with different designs, however, he commonly wears a black long sleeve shirt with white spots on it and leaves the top button unbuttoned. He wears a long red wine coat with gray slacks.

Tools/Weapons: Sonic Screwdriver with a curvy hourglass shaped wooden handle and silver cap at the bottom and emitter that changes from red, green, and blue depending on temperature and air moisture.

His glasses are also a little techier as they can zoom into things like a magnifying glass and automatically stop them from fogging up.

Mannerisms: This Messenger is very laid back and talks smoothly while cracking jokes which are either self-deprecating or meant to tease his companion. However, when he gets excited he starts to ramble and his words start to flurry together and sometimes he is thinking so fast that his mouth has a hard time keeping up and gives up halfway through a sentence. He is polite and offers a had to those in need.

Habits: He is often tinkering with different gizmos in a room of his Targus.

Health: He is young for his species so he is in a good physical condition.

Hobbies: While he does love to tinker sometimes he gets frustrated if something he makes doesn’t work out properly so he sits down at a piano and plays or he goes and finds someone in need of help as it makes him feel better.

Style: He can be seen as sorta clumsy at some points while walking around his own TARGUS however on a planet he is familiar with he seems to navigate it with grace.

Greatest flaw: Guilt for leaving the war and his people behind. After some time alone he returned to his planet only to find when he tried to go back there was no planet to go too. This guilt drives him to dislike military forces and the people in them and deem them unnecessary and evil even if they may truly have the best interest at heart.

Best quality: He is always looking to help people. This isn’t connected to his guilt it’s just the way he feels. He thinks that everyone should strive to help each other and he always does the best he can to help those in need even if he doesn’t necessarily like them or if they have done evil.

Educational Background: He has completed all of his years of schooling that is done on Eonfrey and passed them with high marks( A+ to B+)
Intelligence Level: 9/10
Learning Experiences: When he first took his father’s TARDIS. His schooling didn’t really give him the physical training required. He managed to figure out how to pilot the TARDIS and how it worked in general.
Character's short-term goals in life:* “Upgrade my sonic device to work on wood it’s really getting annoying”
Character's long-term goals in life: “Find the renegade Time Lord from my dimension or a version of him. It would be nice to find someone who knows exactly what I have been through.”
How does Character see himself/herself?
While he does act very confident in his actions. He really doesn’t know what he is doing half the time. He doesn’t make plans and prefers to improvise which he is plenty good at. While he has helped many people and has been called a hero he doesn’t feel that way. He feels just like a normal being and because of his young age is still trying to figure what to do with himself.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?
Sometimes he thinks that people who just met him think of him as a know it all and sorta a jerk. However for those who have spent time him he thinks they some clever and crazy guy who just wants to help people.

How self-confident is the character?
In most situations, The Messenger is sure of himself and it’s rare to see him not know or understand something. However, it is more common to see his lack of confidence while maintaining a long and serious conversation about himself and how he feels about certain topics.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?
Defiantly a combination of both.

What would most embarrass this character?
If anyone who knew his first incarnation.

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WIP of Julianna Kingsley

"Go on–shoot me in the foot. I'll shove both it and the bullet ankle deep in your ass."


Name: Julianna Maxine Kingsley
.: Julia
.: Madame Houdini
.: Death's Flower
.: The Assassin
.: Death's Wife
.: The Professor
.: Maxidothigolumred
.: Maxidoth
Origin And Meaning Of Name: None; she just sort of obtained it.
How/Why It Was Obtained: Julianna gave herself the name (Julianna) when she went undercover as a human. Her last name (Kingsley) was passed down from her adoptive parents. Maxine was used as the middle name as a tribute to her birth name, her reasoning being “a human’s middle name is only shared with those they trust”. After returning back to her time lord self, she decided to keep her name, for that way her friends wouldn't see her as a complete stranger after she changed back.
.: Julia shortened version of her current name, though few people call her this.
.: Madame Houdini the name she used when she was part of a circus, her 7th regeneration.
.: Captain used in her 6th generation when she was a pirate.
.: Death's Flower the alias she received for her beautiful appearance, and the demise many met because of her.
.: The Assassin a name she used to go by in her 5th and 6th regeneration.
.: Death's Wife a nickname given to her due to the many encounters she had had with death.
.: The Professor a name she used in her 4th regeneration.
.: Maxidothigolumred her birth name.
.: Maxidoth short for her birth name; her parents often called her Max or Maxi in their own home.
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She / Her

Regeneration: 8
Physical Age: 23 years
Mental Age: Sometimes it's 5 years, sometimes it's 5,000 years
Actual Age: 1,527 years
Birthday: November 23; she is not certain this is the date her birthday translates to, but it feels about right to her.
Zodiac Sign¦ Sagittarius
Date Of Death (for this Regeneration): 21:42 February 22, 7023 (date for humans at that time in the universe).
Anything Special About Their Birthday: Not much to say other than the fact she was born on that day. Thanksgiving falls on it every once in a while.


Biography Or Backstory: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/2lzYyjOblI
Mother: Biological: Rungarthbygoesimatralduskdrew // Adoptive: Caroline (Carol) Kingsley
Father: Biological: Androsoczadakolodrexyonplor // Adoptive: Christopher (Chris) Kingsley
Brother(s): Biological: None // Adoptive: Brandon and Brendon Kingsley
Sister(s): Biological: None // Adoptive: None
Other Relatives: None

Friend(s): Marline Chrome, Savannah Noir, Angel, the Doctor and many others who have crossed her path. Really, she gets along with many people.
Enemy(ies): The common ones for a time lord: Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, ext.; Sasha, a shapeshifter; The Association (mainly its leaders, Wilson and Victoria); plenty of other people she’s ticked off.
Significant Other: Currently: None // Exes: Gustavo Moratti
Crush(es): None
Sexuality: Straight
Hero/Idol: He isn't exactly his idol, but Julianna takes great interest in the person known as the Doctor.
Why Do You Idolize Them: He was the reason she was brought out of depression after the Last Time War, and his stories inspired her to help others under the name of “the Professor”. Of course, discovering what he did to Gallifrey did cause her to fall into the bitter days of the Assassin, but after coming to in her 8th regeneration, she understands the reasons he had in his decision.

|Family Ancestry|
Originates From: Gallifrey
Some Background Information On Origination: Gallifrey is home to the race of the time lords. It is unclear if the planet still exists, for is lost to time after the days of the Time War. All of Julianna's family was born on that planet, and they died protecting it and other time lords from their greatest enemies– the Daleks.

|Your Character's Origin|
Originates From: Gallifrey
Lived There How Long: 306 years
A Bit Of Background Information On Origination: It was Gallifrey, located in the constellation of Kasterborous; home to the time lords. Her mother was a powerful figure in their government, and her father was a military officer.
Currently Lives: Anywhere else // She sometimes "lives" with Marline Chrome.
Has Lived There For How Long: 1,047 years. // She's been in that particular house for about 4 years, but she's lived in the town for about 20.
Some Background Information On Where They Are Currently: Really, she lives anywhere she wants to, though she really likes it in space. // It's a house in Aspen, Colorado; very comfy and cozy.

Nationality: American (so it seems)
Species: Time lord
Race: Caucasian
Powers: Julianna possesses the power of telepathy, but nothing else.
Accent: American, though it changes from time to time with spikes of old time speech and/or Russian (mostly when distressed or tired); pretty much anything. Her accent can bend to her will, though she has to keep her mind focused on this objective. Sometimes she slips up harshly, almost making her attempt offensive.
Language: Her main language is English, though she can fluently communicate in all languages.
Religion: N/A; presumably atheist/agnostic


Strength: 8
Speed: 7
Intelligence Level/I.Q: 9
Medical Knowledge: 6
Stealth: 8
Accuracy: 7
Agility: 8
Stamina: 7
Sanity: 6
Loyalty: 8
Courage: 7
Perseverance: 8
Caring: 7
Honesty: 4

Trust: 7
Confidence: 9
Creativity: 8
Flexibility: 6
Patience: 3
Responsibility: 4
Reliability: 6
Sociability: 9
Adventurousness: 10



Positive Traits: She is passionate about those she loves; she is also pretty charming and intelligent. The woman can easily get along with the majority of people she meets. Julianna is also pretty good at lightening even the worst of moods. She is pretty soothing, except for when she herself is in a panic.
Neutral Traits: She can become a bit clingy to people after knowing them for long enough in fear that if she is not, she may never see them again. The woman is also highly stubborn, never seeming to shut up until her point is understood. Also a bit wild; she's always willing to take a risk. She is a realist for the most part, only seeing the situation she's in for what it is.
Negative Traits: She can sometimes be overly compassionate and have too much hope for even the worst of species. The Time Lady can also be quite sensitive about her past, simply lashing out the moment someone mentions it. Julianna can also be quite short tempered in situations; serious abandonment issues. Because of her will to take such huge risks, she can sometimes run herself straight into a bad situation.
Flaws: Like anyone, she has plenty of them. One of her biggest flaws, though, is getting too attached to people only to loose them because of her own recklessness. Another flaw is feeling like she messed up when she has so much hope for someone only to find they didn't meet her expectations. Her stubbornness is also not the best thing.
Quirks: She often weaves her pen through her fingers; this is something she tends to when she's bored or nervous. Julianna also talks extremely fast when she's excited or nervous and really slow when she doesn't want to say something.
Special Skills: Julianna's special skills include picking locks, baking (to some extent) and managing to accomplish the impossible. Her determination makes her almost unstoppable when she has her mind fixed on a task.
Strengths: Very swift in both thought and physical speed. She can also be quite persuasive, and make somewhat impressive speeches and whatnot on the spot. Her passion also finds its way into her words, making everything she says that much more powerful.
Weaknesses: She can become very lethargic and unfocused when she runs on minimal sleep. Julianna also has a tendency to procrastinate; her past is also quite a sensitive subject for her. The impending death of her adopted family can also make her feel weak.

Likes: She enjoys the rain, snow and Earth. The people she likes are Marline, Angel, Savannah and the Kingsley twins (not all are human but it's a general umbrella). Julianna also enjoys reading, drinking tea, her TARDIS, traveling and having a conversation. She is an extremely social person, so she also enjoys those sorts of activities as well; the list just goes on and on...
Dislikes: There aren't many dislikes for her, though she doesn't like being entirely alone for too long, people who question her ideas and authority and prolonged silence. It just makes her uncomfortable.
.: Probably some R Comedy
T.V. Show? (Fictional)
.: South Park or Steven Universe (cartoon)
.: How to Get Away With Murder (live action)
T.V. Show? (Informational)
.: Forensic Files (likes to predict how the crime is solved)
T.V. Show? (Game Show)
.: Family Feud
Musical Artist?
.: Atlas (singer)
.: The Beatles OR Panic!At the Disco (favorite band)
.: Tainted Love – Soft Cell
.: Mystical blue
Visual Artist?
.: Vincent Van Gogh
(she doesn't really get into specific artists)
Breed? (Cat)
.: Maine Coon
(she still loves all cats)
Breed? (Dog)
.: German Shepard
(she still loves all dogs)
.: Thanksgiving
Board Game?
.: Risk
Video Game?
.: Portal
.: The Ghosts of Heaven – Marcus Sedgwick

Obsessions: She has no named obsessions, though you could say she has an obsession with keeping herself busy to avoid leaving herself alone. Julianna feels a need, almost an obsessive need, to keep herself occupied in any way she can, for when she doesn't have anything to do, she starts to think about old events that she isn't fond of, and from there falls into a loop of self loathing and regret.
Hobb(y/ies)¦ One of her hobbies is sewing, something she enjoys doing on a regular. Sometimes it's just modifying old clothes or dresses, and sometimes it's creating new ones; really, it just depends on her mood. Another one of her hobbies is painting, something she normally does whenever she's visiting somewhere and has some free time. Normally, she likes painting sunsets and other scenery, but she occasionally likes to paint portraits. She also really enjoys reading when neither of these activities is available to her, and sometimes she does it even when both are there for her to do.



Eye Colour: Icy blue
Glasses/Contacts: None
Anything Special About The Eyes: They have stayed the same throughout all her generations.
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
Hair Length: Ends at her mid back
Anything Special About The Hair: None
Skin Color: Caucasian, though she is slightly tanned.
Complexion: Smooth; all signs of acne and/or other scars have healed beyond sight. People also say her hands are soft, if that means anything.
Make-up: She prefers not to wear any.
Ambidextrous: She actually is ambidextrous, though most of the time she uses her right hand.

Any Piercings: Earrings, though she doesn't wear them that often.
Any Tattoos: A dream catcher on her back that goes down her spine. // A Gallifreyian symbol meaning "obscurity" on her upper chest.
Any Scars: None that are visible, though she does have a long scar that goes down her left arm; this often causes this arm to give out faster than her right. She also has some indentions on the back of her neck from her digging her finger nails in as a bad, nervous habit.
Any Deformities: None
Any Birthmarks: A little brown mark on her outer right ankle.

Body Type Or Build: Ectomorph is her body type; as for body shape, it's a mix between an inverted triangle and hourglass.
Attractiveness: She doesn't consider herself all that, but some may consider otherwise.
Body Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 5' 8"
Any Medical Problems: None

Style: Slightly hipster college kid is probably the best way to describe it.
Casual Appearance: Her style is basically high waist jeans of any sort with a plain or graphic tee tucked in. She often wears a jacket or two over it with classic converse shoes.
Formal Appearance: For formal occasions, she tends to dress up in a pantsuit, but only so it fits her body properly. She cleans herself up very much so for special events, but she will never wear a dress. Ever. It's just not convenient for when disaster strikes.


Are You Usually Healthy Or Ill: Healthy
How Often Do You Get Sick: 0-3 times a year
Do You Have Any Health Issues: She doesn't have/know of any health issues.
Are These Genetic Developed: She doesn't have/know of any health issues.
How Does It Affect Your Life: She doesn't have/know of any health issues.

Have You Ever Been Hospitalized: Yes
How Many Times Have You Been Hospitalized: 5
Why Were You Hospitalized: These all happened while she was still under her human form.
.: First time: she was climbing a tree and took a really bad fall (human age of 9)
.: Second time: she developed a rare illness that she can't recall (human age of 15)
.: Third time: she passed out of protein deficiency (human age of 18)
.: Fourth time: someone punched her in the throat when getting into a fight and she fell unconscious (human age of 21)
.: Fifth time: a Cybermen attack where she tried to defend her family and friends only to fail; she would've died if Marline hadn't let her take her time lord form again (human age of 24)
How Bad Was The Health Issue: On a scale of 1 to 10;
.: First time: 5/10
.: Second time: 8/10
.: Third time: 6/10
.: Fourth time: 2/10
.: Last time: 10/10


|Theme Song(s)|

Pet(s): She has a dog named Pablo who normally stays with Marline.
How Long Have You Had It: Since he was a young pup; about 5 or 6 years.

Occupation: She doesn't have a line of work, though she does help people during her travels and save planets from outside forces whenever that happens. // Works at the local university when staying with Marline.
What Is Your Job: She pretty much helps people and civilizations that are in danger if she happens to be around. // A professor. She lectures and teaches students.
How Long Have You Been Doing This: Since briefly after regaining her Time Lord; about 50 years, if not more.
Do You Love Your Job Or Hate It: It’s okay, but she despises the responsibility of it. // Loves it.
Is It An Easy Job Or Hard Job: Some of the time it's easy, but most of the time it proves to be difficult. // Pretty easy.
Any Special Perks To The Job: She makes friends and allies through her endeavors. // She’s allowed to teach whenever she can, curtesy of the school board.
Where Do You Rank On The Authority Ladder: She goes above any authority there is (if necessary) in order to do what she does. // Pretty low, but in this case she doesn’t mind.
How Many Jobs Have You Had: Throughout her life, she has had 32 occupations, though 26 of them were from her human years (sometimes two or more jobs at once).
Would You Ever Go Back To A Previous Job: She would like to work at the mall again...if she were still human, that is.

Goals/Resolutions: Her biggest goal is trying to redeem herself from the wrong she has done, because maybe then she can feel like she's done more help than harm.
Are They Long Term Or Short Term: Long Term
How Long Have You Had This Goal: Since regaining her Time Lord status.
Have You Completed Any: She doesn't have any other goals worth mentioning.
How Many Have You Completed: She doesn't have any other goals worth mentioning.

Fears Or Phobias: She has a fear of being alone for too long, even in the security of her TARDIS; she doesn't feel this fear with music playing, and even just having her cat around can calm her, but she can't stand being alone in the silence. This fear is even worse when it's dark.
How Bad Are They: On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a ten.
How Long Have You Had Them: As long as she can remember.
How Were They Developed: Julianna simply developed this fear for an unknown reason; maybe because she used to use the dark to hide her during an assassination, or maybe she's just watched too many horror movies in her life. It could be something else, who knows?

.: Fiddling with keys/hair
.: Emotional eating
.: Watching reruns (e.g., Seinfeld, Forensic Files)
.: Chewing cheeks
.: Exaggerating
.: Fidgeting when sitting for an extended period of time
.: Watching Reality T.V. when bored
.: Eavesdropping
.: Being late (mostly without her TARDIS)
.: Being argumentative
.: Picking scabs
.: Scratching/itching
.: Eating sugar
.: Using slang
.: Talking to self
.: Lying
Are These Good Or Bad: Bad
How Long Have You Had Them: Most of them have been for as long as she can remember.
How Were They Developed: Most of them she did once, twice or a few times, then she fell into a loop.
Do You Want To Wish You Didn't Have Them: Yes
Have You Ever Tried To Stop Your Habits: No

Social Status/Ranking: If she were living anywhere, she would consider herself with the status of middle class.
Are You Well Known: People don't recognize her on the spot or anything, but she's pretty well known.
Do You Wish You Could Change The Status/Ranking: Not really. She's happy with being known just enough, but not being stopped with every two steps she takes.
Are You Proud Of The Status/Ranking: Julianna doesn't take pride in her status, but she is not bothered by it either; she is content.
Anything Extra About The Status/Ranking: Her status is known throughout the universe...that's something–

Secrets: Oh, she has plenty of them– they range from small things like the fact she ate a cookie when she wasn't supposed to all the way to murder, robbing banks at gunpoint, assassinating largely known people, ext. Of course, almost all of her big secrets are far in the past.

.: She programmed two "servants" that she calls Time and Space. One is amazingly organized and professional, though he has a personality as well, and the other is extremely creative and has a personality that's almost human.

» Reserved for +Sparks Anderson
» Julianna Kingsley
» Red Beach; located in Greece Europe. The time is mid evening, and the sun is slowly reaching its setting point in the sky. Present day.
The woman with golden hair leaned back on her towel, staring happily at the sea with an umbrella gently shading her from the heat. The shimmering light tinted her baby blue swimming suit and skin, making her overall color much warmer than the reality. She sighed as she leaned forward, pressing her elbows to her knees; she needed this. So bad. She had been getting rather depressed as of late for reasons that alluded her. Well, not really– she knew exactly why she was so terribly sad. Recently, she...had stumbled upon a room her TARDIS had kept locked away. And she had asked her units, why was the door locked. They shrugged, and lied saying they didn’t know. Oh god, how she wished she wasn’t so damn stubborn. How she wished she had left it at that instead of picking open the scabs of old wounds.
How she wished she could simply be human again, as selfish as that was.
She blinked a few times, realizing that tears had begun to pool in her ice blue eyes, which stood out more with her current attire.
Oh heavens, how she just needed to stop thinking about that room.
Julianna turned her attention to the gentle waves that carefully washed against the shore, and she made the sudden decision to move closer and sit where the water lapped at the sand. Her bare feet had just sunken into the soft, damp Earth when she was interrupted.

Are any Doctors available rp

Open RP.
(my OC is the medic)
the old man, The Medic, was sitting on the porch of a little cottage he had accquired. just, staring out into space. not taking any notice of the world around him.

Name: The Commander (First Incarnation)
Age: 1,000 (Mutated Regenerations)
Gender: Male
Species: Mutated Blood Time Lord
Teams: TIA (Time-Lord Intellegance Agency,) Navy Seals (Along side humans)
Appearances: My Stuff
Companions: 4
Worst Enemy: Cybermen
(P.S. He was brainwashed by soviets in 1961, while taking part in a CIA timelord thingy operation)

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If anyone is into DW and they want to join a smaller RP than this? I need more members and I want more people to join :)

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"Rose" (2005)

Last appearance
"The Day of the Doctor" (2013)

Portrayed by
Billie Piper


Ninth Doctor
Tenth Doctor

Home era
Early 21st century

Rose Tyler is a fictional character portrayed by Billie Piper in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, and was created by series producer Russell T Davies. With the revival of Doctor Who in 2005, Rose was introduced as a new travelling companion of series protagonist, the Doctor, in his ninth and tenth incarnations. The companion character, intended to act as an audience surrogate, was key in the first series to introduce new viewers to the mythos of Doctor Who, which had not aired regularly since 1989. Piper received top billing alongside Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant for the duration of her time as a regular cast member. A regular for all of series one (2005) and series two (2006), Piper later returned for three episodes of the programme's fourth series (2008) and appeared in feature-length specials in both 2010 and 2013.

In the series' narrative, Rose is introduced in the eponymous series one premiere as a 19-year-old working class shop assistant from London, alongside her own supporting cast in the form of her mother Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri) and her boyfriend Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke). Over the course of the first series Rose's human actions and responses contrast with the Doctor's alien perspectives. Rose grows increasingly trusting of the Doctor and comes to realise she has fallen in love with him. He comes to value and depend on her and sacrifices his Ninth incarnation for her. Rose forms a similar bond with the new Doctor, but the two appear to be forever separated in the series two finale, although Rose's temporary return in the fourth series gives her relationship with the Doctor a resolution.

In promoting the series, both Piper and Eccleston stressed Rose's heroic characteristics whilst Davies highlighted her down to earth qualities and quintessential Britishness. Critical reaction noted that the character was more developed, independent and equal to the Doctor than previous companions had been, whilst the character's overall role in the narrative of the first two series was praised. However, reaction to the character's 2008 return was more mixed. Piper won numerous awards for her portrayal of Rose —including two National Television
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