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Name: rose
Gender: female
Age: 19
Likes: books,witch craft, and wildlife.
Entity: witch
Magic: healing magic

Anime roleplay anyone?
Roleplays i will do with girls or guys, sexual non-sexual
-Soul Eater
-Ouran Highschool Host Club
-Attack on Titan
-Black Butler
-Tokyo Ghoul
-No Game No Life
-Sword Art Online
-Fairy Tail
-Death Note
OC's and Original Characters are welcome.
Dont be shy and message me on a private post or Hangouts i will respond

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Name: leaf
Age:said to be 2000
Gender: female
Race: furry and something unknown
Likes: being alone, leaves,trees,and water
Dislikes:mostly everything
Bio: she is a God of all deer furries and deers she doesn't care much for them but she finds her self likes human much more to find out more get to know her

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I stare out the window in history class, trying not to fall asleep
((open rp, 1 person plz and I can repost))

Rp anyone??

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Hi, I'm new, I called Hell Smile and I am a neko meow

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name: akiame
race": half american and half japanese.
i am part cat
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I sit in an alley way alone. I am a vampire but no one knows yet. I had just been turned and so I ran to hide in this alley way. You (hopefully a male) spot me and I look at you and try to smile but my fangs are revealed. I am scared you will try to kill me or will run scared from me. I begin to cry and you walk towards me. I try to get up and run due to the fact that I feel like you will hurt me. You finally reach me and are now in front of me and you.........

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((Second Oc))
Name: Logan Shadowheart

Age: 20

Height: 6'0 ft

Weight: 175 lb

Species: pure blood werewolf

Abilities: He can turn into three forms his half man half wolf, his neko and his human form, he has acute sense of smell and hearing, extreme speed

weapon: Scythe

Personality: He is kind and caring but can bee seen as cold, he is loyal to the few friends he has, very sarcastic

Likes: Books, music, being free

Dislikes: Being caged up, people treating him like a dog, unnecessary violence

Bio: Logan was once used by hunters they treated him like a slave or a pet. They tortured him when he didn't do as they said and one night they tried to make him every hunters sexual toy. He killed who he could and ran now on the run but free and happy to be that
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