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Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) operate the train lines making money from the freight companies, more than half a billion dollars last financial year, that use the. They are increasing the number of freight trains using the tracks every years and substantially over the last year. Longer, heavier, more frequent and louder trains. This is more often than not 4 diesel engine trains travelling at speed, no more than 20 metres from the local community homes. As frequencies as much as 6 in a 1.5 hour period, 24 hours a day with the first a 2am followed at 4 am generating in-home noise as load as 80db. On top of this the only time left to perform scheduled and proactive track maintenance (BALLISTIC track Tamping) is between those trains. Their attitude to complaints from the public, Mr John Fullerton the CEO, indicated that they are within the laws so we have no intention to change our operations.

So who do the public take the case to? After all, new and old freeways are having sound walls built to protect peoples homes from traffic noise, in some case they are installed to protect open parkland and sports fields. Why noyt the people along the freight rail lines?

VicRail lease the rail infrastructure to Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) at zero cost, as such VicRail advise that they have no responsibility for the effect the operation has on the community.

The EPA advises that they don't have a benchmark so they can't do anything. I can't start a lawn mower at 8am on a Sunday without breaking the law, but the ARTC can run 24hours operation generating noise louder than a lawn mower with out any action from the EPA. What benchmark do they need is not the noise of a lawn mower a now a bench mark? They have decided that that is offensive so how is the noise from a profit making company different, oh the word profit maybe!

The local Federal minister has said they sent the complaint to the state authority, Even though the Federal Australian Government is the sole shareholder of the ARTC and the ARTC publicly state that they recognise the strong mandate from its Shareholder. As the owner can't they tell the ARTC what they are doing is at least morally and ethically wrong and to stop or correct the issue.

 If you can figure out who is responsible, who is the authority, let us know or is this another case of profit, and that would be Federal Governments profit over the people.

Laws to suit the majority is basically legalised mob rule, the Australian economy is enriched by a strong rail freight industry, but why is the few who live along the freight rail lines bare the ugly noise pollution so the rest can enjoy the wealth?
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