I am so happy finally i will be able to llay lag free my old phenom 2 x4 will be away and an xenon 1231 v-3 will replace it, what do you think xenon can handle even big buildings?

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Hey guys! I am uploading some more Medieval Engineer today! Hope you enjoy let me now what to improve on? Thanks XD

Hey guys I will be doing a Medieval Engineers Play-through! (learning as i go), it is been uploaded right new! thanks!

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So, everyone has been going on about the things that are out- the walls, structural integrity, catapults, etc. My idea is actually to recreate my junior year physics project (or rather what I made of it), a Floating Arm Trebuchet.

For those who don't know, a FAT drops its weight vertically, while the throwing arm rides on a track. Its a good deal more efficient than a standard trebuchet, and is perhaps the only alternate that could be translated to ME and fire more than once. If I knew where it was, I'd take some pictures to show the group.

All the same, I'm rabidly awaiting the 19th, just to secure ownership.

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To get into the right mindset for designing some castles I've set up a Pinterest board to hoard inspiration. Has any one else jumped in to the Medieval mindset? What are you going to draw inspiration from?

Welcome to the Medieval Engineers community!

I greatly enjoy Space Engineers, and I am excited about the idea of a medieval construction game. I've played Age of Empires 2 and Minecraft for years, and always thought it would be cool if the two were somehow combined.
I will be greatly looking forward to player-based wars and sieges, as well as the amazing creativity in towns and castles.
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