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Name: Hannah Freedom
Nickname: baby by her parents
Age: 18
Gender: female
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: green
Height: 5"4
Facial features: none
Scars/tattoos: a burn mark on her wrist don't play with fire kids
Fandom: none
Bio: Crap I remember when I was stupid and reckless as a freshmen. Here I am a senior now

Hannah was always adventures, reckless and stupid. She's changed a lot since then at her last day of freshmen year she realized it's time to go to summer school and work up everything which she did. Dropped everything she did and focused on school, and taking care of things. She had re-dyed her hair back to blonde and didn't mess with it every since.

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((Peculiar Profile))
Name~ Destiny Firestone

Nickname~ Fi-Fi or Pheo

Mature Age~ 18

Biological Age~ 18

Species~ Pheonix and part Siren

Symptoms~ Mad easily, stays outside alot

Powers/Unusual Doings~ she has Angel wings that turn into fire, she'll grow a long fire tail. She'll sing to lure you in so you can unchain her and help her

Hobbies~ Adventuring, drawing, writing, making poems and songs

Likes~ Singing, riddles, people, exploring, spreading her wings

Dislikes~ people who purposely make her mad, cats, chains, collars

Personality~ Outgoing, loves to socialize, doesn't want anyone to get close to her

Talents~ she can bring fire, deals with fire magic

Life Status~ Alive

Relationship Status~ heartbroken but single

Crush(es)~ no one

Appearance~ long white hair, purple eyes, wears white dresses and pastel clothes, sometimes have bandages from people who thought she got hurt with fire

Short Bio~ When Destiny was 15 she fell in love, he loved her wings, one day the two got into a fight, she set the house ablaze on accident. She never wanted anyone to like her afterwards, she was always outside with a collar and chain on, no one helped her outside of the yard.
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School everyone loves school right? Well Hannah was in the mix she wanted to do the stupid crap she did back then which was reach out to some old friends and go on dangerous adventures but also wanted to finish school and start a new life. She sighed in frustration as she sat at her desk, school had finish an hour ago and here she was thinking of all the fun things she did "this is stupid" she muttered and closed her text book

Name: Lauren
Age: 17
Gender: female
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: forest green
Skin color: pale
Wears: A shirt with a cat on it, blue skirt, black leggings and sneakers
Likes: Musicals (1. Les miserables), animals, dancing,singing, old cars, piggy (her potbelly pig)
Dislikes: horror movies, heights, sharks, closed spaces.
Fears: The dark, sharks, heights and closed spaces
Stuff she says: "I'm sorry" "piggy get out from under the bed!" "I'm gay! I mean happy!" "I am hungry again"

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*Destiny sat in the yard singing looking at some pigeons, stuck in a dome cage she looked at you* Hello? ((open))

This community is dead

Anyone wanna rp

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((Open rp))
((NO RULES. Meaning do what ye will. But no one likes god modding))
((Zombie apocalypse. Horror))
((I'm being Felicia Vargas, be who you want to be))

The zombie apocalypse stated a little more then 3 weeks to a month ago. Those who are still living, live in fear of death. The dead kill the living as the living kill the dead. But the living will kill the living to live....some are weak and depend on someone strong to save them....sadly someone regrets it...

Felicia Vargas and Ludwig Beildschmidt were hiding out in a pretty much destroyed apartment building. The millatary tried blowing up buildings to kill the dead it didn't really work but it made a good place for the living to hide out because the dead can't climb to get up. Since the stairs blew up. Felicia is deathly scared of the dead but Ludwig isn't. The smell of the dead got very strong all of a sudden. Even though it's just been a month. It's very easy to tell now when a heard of zombies is coming. Ludwig grabbed Felicias wrist and they went into a part of the broken building where their kinda hiden. The heard passed by. Felicia shaked out of fear covering her mouth. They scared her, ludwig held her close with one arm and the arm hand holding a gun. Ready if the heard of zombies smelled them. ....some of the living all of a sudden came running from the zombies into their building...bringing more then a thousand zombies with them. Ludwig pulled Felicia up saying, "We need to go now!"...Felicia was almost in tears when she nodded. He pulled her and he ran with her to a opening in the building where to many zombies were not there. He shot a zombie in the heard and he pulled Felicia with him. Unfortunately you were part of the living group and you had followed Felicia and Ludwig out of the building. The people you were with just died. And soon you and Ludwig and Felicia were surrounded. Ludwig said he would make a distraction and begged Felicia to run when he did. She cried and said he wouldn't. But the gentle tone turned to a yell ludwig had as he pushed her away from him and commanded her to. He shot a zombies making as much noise as possible. Yelling at them. Felicia ran knowing ludwig wouldn't let her stay. And you followed Felicia
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