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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd let you all know there has been an increase in profiles advertising their Fiverr accounts. It is known that they contribute nothing to the community except in the way of spam. There are a number of repeat offenders and the spamming is pretty brutal.
From now on, for all our sanity, profiles hawking their Fiverr accounts in Graphic Design will be permanently banned without warning [rather than just having the post removed] Spammers will also meet the same fate. This leaves more room for decent content.
Please note, this move is retroactive and if you are not sure of the rules of this community please take the time to become familiar with them as I don't want decent people being banned or their posts being improperly flagged and therefore not showing up in the timeline.

Secondly, the "Community Messages" tag is for moderator use, so please use "Discussion" instead.

Last, thanks to everyone who is contributing interesting content and being active in this community. Please keep it up and thank you for encouraging one another. We want to keep a happy, clean atmosphere here and to live up to the creator's vision for this page.

May your minds stay creative and your computers never crash,

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More design documentaries, good good!

Design Canada: the documentary reporting a nation’s design story - Design Week

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[Infographic] Top 6 Graphic Design Trends of 2017

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Batman - The Brave and The Bold

Absolutely loved working on the current Batman - The Brave and The Bold issue for +DC Entertainment​ and +Panini Comics Deutschland​ under tebitron, laying out extra pages, lettering things and having the pleasure of designing the poster for the German mag. Can you spot my PixelCaps! Font, which managed to get a tiny feature, too? ;). Big ups to the real artists behind this piece.

Grab it everywhere, where they sell comics in Germany. |
#Batman #TheBraveAndTheBold #GraphicDesign 
The Brave and The Bold
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Is the new Tyson Foods Logo headed in the right direction?

The new logo is more clearly a corporate brand.The monogram features a "T" for Tyson, obviously, and then a chunky arrow lays behind it, creating a subtle crossbar to make an "F" for Foods as a secondary reading.

What do you think?
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RAD: Indeed, clever!
BAD: Very Meh!
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