I"ve shared this with my main community and hopefully we'll have a few new members soon enough, I'm still trying to figure out how to regulate an rp combat system that actually works. in a world where most people aren't superhumanly fast but guns are it would make Combat rp rather short

Seems things are coming together, I'll need a co Owner, someone who can make the decisions while I am away with my main community.

Here's the new profile template, those who have already been approved recently shouldn't have to remake them unless the owner requests. But to the people who haven't been active I would like to request you at least update them so we know who is still here.

Age- (if you are a state Alchemist make sense with your age as not everyone joins the military at 16)
Birthplace- (Amestris, Xing, Ishval, ect.)
Species- (if you're a homunculus please state which one. Only one of each are allowed seeing as there are only seven sins.)
Appearance- (Picture is requested, but not required.)
Profession- (Military, alchemist, engineer, doctor, ect.)
Alchemy specialty-
Special skills-

Feel free to ask any questions should they arise as I am on most weeknights until 3 A.M. EST, and 5-7 AM EST on weekends.

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Name: Edward Elric
Age: since its right after he got in, I'll make it 13
Sibling: Alphonse Elric
Rank: State Alchemist, equivalent to a Major
Weapons: Whatever he can make really
Strength: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Stamina: 9/10
Specialty: Well Edward doesn't really HAVE a specialty, it's more or less of what can he make that's useful for him.
Abilities: He can preform alchemy without a circle and transmute a blade from the grill of his auto-mail arm.

Is this alright?
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Name:Roy Mustang
Specialty:creating Fire by Snapping using my special gloves
Weapons:My gloves
Abilities:creating Fire
Bio: A man in love with Hawkeye. I'm hunting down Envy and the Homoculis

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Just to be safe.

Name: Riza Hawkeye
Age: 24
Rank: First Lieutenant
Weapons: Four to five pistols and a sniper rifle.
Strength: 7/10
Speed: 9/10
Stamina: 9/10

Roy, I'll let you double check this to be safe. I would tag you, but there's two of you in my circles with the same exact profile photo.
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If anyone could find  or create a better profile Template I would appreciate eternally

I'm a role player from a different fanbase. However, I wish to role play on G+. Can anyone help me?

Eeeeeeey, you need a Fullmetal? I'm willing if the role is open.

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I have been gone for FAR too long and let my beautiful budding community die off! I will be devoting mass quantities of my time and effort and community wide pull to bring this place back to life!

If anyone is still here and willing to come back and assist, I would welcome it greatly!
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