So me and the player in my single-player campaign got together. Rolled up a new character and ended up with a Media. We're almost finished, but we need to buy the character equipment. What suggestions do the veterans of this community have for Cyberware and Equipment for a Media? Any help would be appreciated. I can give you an idea of what we've been thinking of.

- Camera Cyberoptic
- Speeding Bullet Cyberlegs (I'm imagining the campaign's gonna be kind of a Corporate whistle blower sort of thing).
- A Mid-Size Sedan

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I'm also a member of the Pen & Paper RPG Bloggers community, thanks to that membership. This little gem popped up in my stream. The writer Sean Holland has about 22 more of these, some this stuff makes great inspiration for Cyberpunk. Check it out.

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A post explaining why I won't be writing anymore Actual Plays for my Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player Campaign. At least with the Aki character...
All Fun and Games until... - An Editorial and an Apology
So some of my regular readers might be wondering.  Where's the next actual-play report from your Cyberpunk game, you bastard?!  Let me start off by saying that we played the fourth session of the game.  So it would just be a matter of typing up the post.  T...

I'm just curious, how many of you here have experience the Run.Net alternate Netrunning Rules? For those of you who have experience with it. What's your typical going rate for certain Cyberdecks under that system?

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My buddy Shaun built us a gaming table, with a built in flatscreen, for our Cyberpunk 2020 shenanigans. That's a map of our future London sandbox. Plus snacks.


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The Third Session of my Actual Play Report from my Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player Campaign. Like the last session this was a largely combat focused session.
Cyberpunk 2020 Single Player: Session 3 - Shoot the Medic First
Session Three of my Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player campaign.  Before I get into the details of the session, I gotta clear up some housekeeping.  For those of you that missed last sessions actual play report you can find it here.  For those of you just joining...

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Session Two of my Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player Campaign. This one was little shorter than our last session. (I managed to tell the whole thing in one post). Session Three should be happening in about a week. Be sure to comment, it provides great feedback for me. After all this is under the discussion section of the community.
Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player: Session 2 - Came Childe Aki to the Dark Tower
Today we had our second session of the Cyberpunk Single-Player Campaign.  The first session which we played online.   You can find part one of the first session here , the second part here . We started late by about an hour and wasted about another forty mi...

So I've been enamored of CP2020 for a long while. I haven't gotten much of a chance to play it in a long time, but I got ahold of World of Android for the Netrunner card game and now I want to convert some stuff between them and build a setting for CP2020 using the info in that book. I'm looking at using the Fuzion rules to modify roles. I'll post some of my thoughts a little later.

So I've kind of dug myself into a shallow grave, with my most recent session of Cyberpunk. I promised the player 17000 credits (Eurobucks), 25000 if she decides to rummage through the desk to find the 8000 her target had initially offered her to look the other way.

So here's my question, what do I have her spend it on? If she gets injured there's hospital bills (Speedheal if she decides she doesn't want to be in the hospital for weeks, costs almost 2000, but it's not enough).
There's also relocating to new apartment (since her target already trashed her old one).
She probably won't spend anything on Cyberware (other than what's necessary to save her life, since she's very close to Cyberpsychosis) which would ordinarily be my first order of business.

So yeah, what can I throw her way to soak up her newfound wealth?

Well here is what I've heard on the news R.Tal had at Gencon. It's copy pasted from a thread over on rpgdotnet. At least some of it is Cyberpunk related.


Hi! I'm J Gray, from Fat Goblin Games. We license Castle Falkenstein from R. Talsorian. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Pondsmiths and their team at GenCon this weekend. Here's what was said, specifically, on current plans:

* Witcher is almost done. There are final edits to do and then they ship it out to Poland for approval from CD Projekt Red. No release date has been announced because they aren't sure how long it'll take CPR to go through the book and if changes will be requested.

* Cyberpunk Red will be Cyberpunk 2020 1.5. Some small rule changes and an update to the technology so it makes more sense from a modern perspective (your real world cellphone shouldn't be half the size of the cellphone your character uses in game. They're hoping to release that within a year. A Cyberpunk 2077 put out to coincide with the video game is possible but there are currently no promises there.

* I am told most of Mekton Zero is written and it sounds pretty darn neat to me. I can't speak to specifics as I didn't sit in on the Mekton seminar but I believe they are hoping to have the books to backers by the end of the year. The other promised rewards, such as the minis, might take longer.

* No specific word on Cybergeneration or Teenagers from Outer Space.

* Castle Falkenstein is currently in the hands of Fat Goblin Games. We're producing new material for the Great Game and have put out six products thus far: Curious Creatures (the definitive bestiary), Firearms and Margarine (a political murder mystery Adventure Entertainment), Babbage's Engine (a one to two session Adventure Entertainment written by Steve Kenson), and three Variations: optional plug-in rules which allow Hosts and Players to customize the Great Game. We have another Adventure Entertainment and a new Variation on the way. The next really big release is Miss Peril's Guide to Paris, a sourcebook for living and adventuring in the City of Lights.

I hope this helped!


Then this bit he posted up a few comments later.


One of the things Mike Pondsmith mentioned during the R. Talsorian Revival seminar was that the end of the last corporate war fractured the net. Instead of one big global network you have multiple smaller ones. Worse, there are things inside the net now which are amazingly dangerous. Thus, a netrunner can no longer just jack in from the bar and be do the job from safety. They have to go with the crew and jack in on site.

I don't know how the rules will change but the idea is the netrunner becomes just as much a part of the job, with full physical danger, as the others. I also don't know for sure if this will be in Cyberpunk Red or is being saved for down the line.
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