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Please read these rules before posting or anything else
1. No role playing with a character until i approve it.
2. No god modding.
3.DC characters only.
4.You must post your characters under profile.
5. we have a 3 strike system before you get banned to become moderator you must have no strikes on you and be following and friends with me. not ask to become moderator i will ask you if you wanna be once i trust you.
7.please no nudity or extreme language.
email me if you are not sure on a post.( 
8.thank you for your time and have fun.

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Re-share guys, for Samwise Gamgee 😊😊😊

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Thanks for inviting me +Blazer the charizard

here is a rp character making templete follow this for a easy way to make a good solid hero

Hero Name
Secret identity
Super powers
Why he wants to kill superman
Picture(optional but appreciated)
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