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A lot of people hate lila but honestly ı really love her
She did some things she shouldnt have,but she's new,she found some guy she likes she wanted friends.when she saw the book it was her chance to impress everone,she wanted people to like her...She isnt a bad person,she wanted to be a heroine and ladybug was was really being a jerk!
I understand that she lied,but that was just cruel.SHE MADE THE POOR GIRL START SOBBİNG IN FRONT OF HER CRUSH FOR TRYİNG TO IMPRESS HIM!!! she was doing exactly what chloe did to her, she abused her power to keep lila away from adrien,IT WAS SO SELFISH! Lila wanted to impress him,because she really likes him.mari has done the same thing in the past ,but if its the new girl,its bad? SHE HAD A CRUSH! Is that so wrong? NO,we all make mistakes,she just a teenager,she messed up,and at the end,though she didnt say it, ı felt like she was guilty about how she acted but didnt want to admit it,THAT IS VERY TYPICAL FOR A TEENAGER!!!! trying to impress,lying to seem cool,not wanting to admit fault.There is a point that you can TOTALLY TELL THAT SHE IS SORRY!! she was crying because she made bad choice in lying to adrien,she obviusly felt bad,upset and embarassed for doing something wrong.ı really everyone to stop hate on the character.sure she messed up,BUT THIS IS ONE FREKIN EPISODE,ever heard of character development?! She will change,as a whole,she not a bad person.SHE MESSED UP,AND DİDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO,SO SHE DID SOME THINGS SHE SHOULDNT HAVE
we've all done this before,(dont even try saying you didnt) yet your friends wont hate you,she really smart,and sly,quick,clever,these all the TRAITS OF A FOX!! I know people will disagree,ı understand why people dont like her,but this is my opinion please dont be rude
İf you know of someone who DOES like her,tag them so they know that they're not alone

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