Define your happy life vision and let it guide you.

Having a clear written #happy life vision is indispensable to enable you to succeed.
Why? Because your happy #life vision leads your actions, #inspire you to keep moving forward and motivate your #intimate relatives to provide you with the right support you need.
If you #desire a happy life but lack a clear happy life #vision starts looking inside yourself to discover your, qualities, natural gifts and your calling if you have one. If you still don't sense your happy life vision on your own then, consider consulting a happy life #coach who can empower you to develop a suitable one

Examine your #motivation to help others to build a #happylife
Where is your heart when it comes to help others to build a happy life?
Do you intend to build your happy life at the expense of others or are you motivated by the desire to help others to be #happy?
If your attitude is to build your own happy life and expense orders they will notice that and will become reluctant to help you which will decrease your chances to succeed.
I don't know which will be your results, achievements on your happy life #destiny but one thing I know is that your attitude, motivation to help others will make a significant difference. The ones who will be really #happy are those who are able; to listen, care and serve others appropriately.

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Start building your life today start building you happy life today!

Sometimes people entrust me that they feel unhappy and desire to have a happy life.
How can I establish a happy life they ask?
Did you already took a firm decision to establish a happy life? I ask in return
Some tell me about the life experiences and I simply listen and encourage them.
Most time they respond, well I haven't really taken a decision yet. Than you need to take a decision I I explain to them. Only desiring happy life is not enough you have to take a decision and start working on it. Others can help you, support you but can not build a happy life for you.
Building a happy life begins where you are, I tell them. I recommend them to start doing what is necessary, then do what is possible. The future will learn that you will never regret have taken this decision because it will work out to be the best decision you have taken in your life

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Happiness is having Happy Feet
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