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Free RPG Day Is Coming Soon !!!
16 June in Downtown Toronto
Play Dungeon Crawl Classics for the first time with a World Renowned Expert !!!
Feel the shiver of Old School Gaming Goodness™ for the very first time !!!
Don't !!! Miss !!! Out !!!
Free RPG Day Double Feature
Free RPG Day Double Feature

Hi Toronto OSR peeps,

Does anyone play DCC in this city? I'd be interested to know if there are any groups/events...

Any leads will be appreciated.

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These are the games so far for CritCon 2, which is a week Saturday. ( ) It's interesting to read over. I'm registered for two so far. I think this should be linked from their main site. But I'm guessing the heart of the event's communications efforts is its Facebook page. This Warhorn thing looks pretty cool. We should use it for OSRCon. Anyway, here are the games. I recommend Zack's games: Conan; and, John Carter's Red Planet. I'm looking forward to that one. He has maps. And little airships on sticks. It's going to be awesome.


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Ran into Spencer today. So we went to the Graduate Students Union to drink a pint of Side Launch. CritCon is coming up in three weeks. ( ) Looks like me, Zack, James and others from OSRCon will be there. Stephen Forshaw emailed me today as well, so it's been a retro gaming day. He ran an event called OSCon with Boris Cibic (whom I ran into at the Toronto Reference Library recently). I'm meeting him tomorrow to toss around some ideas for OSRCon in the summer. CritCon is going to be in the Great Hall at Hart House at the UofT. If you've ever wanted to play D&D in a dining hall in the New Gothic style of an Oxford college, then this is the event space for you.

This is my lava lamp. There are many like it but this one is mine.

I met with Stephen Forshaw today to brainstorm some ideas for OSRCon. Very nice guy. Some of the ideas we were tossing around were: having a 3025 Battletech session; running his copy of Top Secret - New World Order, which is about to arrive in the mail; using Eventbrite for ticket management; he has some life sized cut-outs of fantasy characters we could put by the door; we will never run 5e or Pathfinder; we'll look for GMs for Call Of Cthulhu, Barrowmaze, RuneQuest, Paranoia, The Fantasy Trip, Lejendary Adventure, and so on; we'd like to run a mini tournament using old tournament modules (Slavers, Tamaochan, White Plume, Ed Greenwood's School Of Wizardry from Dragon issue #95, etc.) but it's probably beyond us, really. It's easy to get grandiose when you're brainstorming.

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Ed Greenwood, creator of The Forgotten Realms®, will be running a Dungeons & Dragons® 2nd Edition game at CritCon 2018!

A Darkness in North Ward

The bustling city of Waterdeep is a tolerant crossroads where coin is king and all manner of sometime-foes rub shoulders in pursuit of mercantile wealth, treating "the Deep" as neutral ground.

Except, of course, when they don't.

A popular noble lady has gone missing, and a ransom has been demanded for her return—by a hitherto-unknown cult of Shar, the Devout of the Dark Lady. The Watch realizes that underground digging they recently detected in North Ward must be not the cellar enlargements they thought were going on (which they customarily wait to be finished, then swoop in to inspect and tax), but rather, the Cult's temple. However, if they storm the temple, Lady Melvrone Eagleshield will almost certainly be murdered. Only outlanders, whose names and faces aren't known in the city, can hope to pose as Sharrans and get in.

Your reward will be a house in Waterdeep and 100,000gp plus full healing and a minor item of magic, each; the deeds, coin, and written promise of healing all to be held for you by the Watch to ensure trusting compliance. With such staggeringly handsome terms, you can hardly refuse...

Get your tickets online now:

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Hey everyone!

The University of Toronto Tabletop Gaming Club is once again hosting CritCon!

It's a single day event being held April 28 in The Great Hall at Hart House. CritCon 2018 will feature tabletop gaming, special guests, tournaments, panels, seminars, and workshops!

We'd love to see the OSR community present at the event. Chris has been assisting with the event so far, ensuring that OSR interests are represented.

To that end, Ed Greenwood has agreed to return to the convention this year. He'll be hosting a seminar on storytelling, as well as running a Second Edition Dungeons & Dragons game.

Check out the event on Facebook for more info!

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Just a note to say today we doubled our membership since Jan. 2017. It's now 144. So in a little over a year. Nice work. To infinity and beyond.

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OSRCon Winter was yesterday. 14 people said they were coming. 7 people showed. We played from 11am to 7pm. There were supposed to be two sessions of two games. There were two sessions of one game.

The first was my AD&D scenario. They needed to enter a VR world to save their friend (whom the players named Chris. I don't know why.) who was in a coma from a suicide attempt. They thought they were entering the Caves of Chaos from The Keep On The Borderlands. They materialized in the throne room of Tomb of Horrors.

They needed to touch two objects together to save their friend. They had one and had to find the other. The TOH has a teleportation transportation system, which helped them go to the second object. But when they used it their property went to Room 33.

Eventually both objects went to Room 33. The players had their phones, so could talk to each other if the party was split. Eventually they realized they could access the Internet, so they found of a map of the TOH and made their way to Room 33. They found the objects, touched them and saved Chris, who woke from his coma. Unfortunately, Acerack forced them to stay longer than the three hour deadline and they all entered a permanent psychotic episode. Chris got out of bed, put his teenage girlfriend in his new Ferrari and drove to Cancun.

Zack's ran Low Fantasy Gaming. Zack is the world's most prepared GM. We went to save a princess, who once saved wanted to recover a grimoire, which we did by defeating traps and a stone golem. We defeated several spectres and few giant turtles. Then she turned on us becoming a serpent lady and demanding the book. As Katelyn said, "This always happens."

One of the players was Stephen Forshaw who ran OSCon a few years ago with Boris Cibic. He brought name tags on lanyards for everybody, which was awesome. James was a big fan of OSCon and we're hoping he'll help us run the next OSRCon.

So, not many people showed up, but those who did got on like a house on fire. That's kind of odd, when you think about it because most people were strangers. And then they played for eight hours. Everybody had stories of the times at public games where one person acts like a nut and ruins it for everybody. You never can tell.

OSRCon 8 is in August.
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