All agents active near the Western Carolina University campus!!

Both factions!!

Please help us with a very short test of our ability to coordinate an area for artistic purposes. We would like to neutralize all portals, removing all links and fields, from now (3:45 pm Wednesday July 19) until 9:00 pm tonight.

This will give our artist a clear view of the portal pattern, undestracted by links, fields, and colors, as she contemplates what her image will be.

She will then need to have some time to mull over it and develop specific instructions for us to follow in building the image.

This area starts on the northside at the WCU Park Shelter, goes east to Praying Angel and Tuckasegee Fire Station, east to AME Zion Church, which is the easternmost point.

Then south to Cullowhee Valley Baptist Church, neutralizing everything in the path! Then back north to WCU Trail Head, and from there back to WCU Park Shelter.

And neutralize all portals within this diamond-shaped zone.

At 9:00 tonight, open warfare resumes!


RogueX99 (the artist)

Ok. Have uncle flip whack wcu and I will leave it gray.

Agents (both factions) in this cell, please consider the following idea for a cell-wide cooperative project.

The key idea is that we will construct a detailed and compelling visual image utilizing the entire geographic space of our cell. This will be a high-quality portrait of a recognizable individual. A great American. I'll withhold the name for now so as to enhance anticipation.

We anticipate a limited trial very soon, possibly the late July, and then, if all goes well, a launch of the major project in September.

The artist (RogueX99) will use portals as "points" within the portrait, with shades of blue, shades of green, and black space available for differentiation.

We will all need to help. I know that people individually are seeking AP and trying to level up. (At L8, I have a long way to go.) So, the portrait will be designed to use approximately half blue and half green. I suspect she will choose the blue shades for skin, the green shades for hair, black space for eyes, etc.

It will likely be necessary for each of us to team up with one or two agents from the other faction, as often cooperative work will be needed. For example, if the artist designates a portal as ENL, with three links, and it is already ENL but with a different set of unwanted links, the agent will need a RES partner who can neutralize the portal to be rebuilt according to the artist's design.

This may take a month or more. In the end, viewers across the world who are scanning the intel map will see a globe of ugliness and disarray, and then, miraculously, a beautiful image covering western North Carolina (with parts of Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina).

I think we could keep it up for another month or two by cooperating with each other. For example, if you are in need of AP, we could use a "one-hour" rule. You get your other-faction pal to capture the portal, disabling all of its links and fields. The commitment is that within an hour you rebuild it according to the artist's plan, gaining all of the AP in the process. The overall image would suffer only minimal, short-term damage.

Thoughts about how to approach this? How many agents are in this cell? Can we police it?

Should we start with a picture frame outlining our cell? Maybe top and right side RES, bottom and left side ENL?

We could communicate via this community. The artist could compile a full listing of portal specifications as she creates them.

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