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The Best Wholesale RDA/RTAS of USA.
World Wide Vape is one of the largest wholesale distributors of Electronic Cigarettes in the USA. We offer a huge variety of E-Cig devices, accessories and an amazing range of E-liquids.

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Adding Apps - Technology in Focus - As smartphones become ubiquitous, libraries and vendors are responding with new apps, features, and mobile-friendly websites
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Public Libraries: The Great Tech Equalizer

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Immersive Education and Italian Ministry of Education collaboration brings #VirtualReality, #AugmentedReality + #immersive teacher workshops and #FREE keynotes & exhibits to the public at no cost (free)! Teachers, students, trainers and the public are invited to participate at

#EdTech #Education

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Z39.50 : Glossary of Library & Information Science
#LibrarianshipStudies #Z3950

Z39.50 is a national and international standard defining a protocol for computer-to-computer information retrieval. It is a client–server, application layer communications protocol for searching and retrieving information from a database over a TCP/IP computer network. It is covered by ANSI/NISO standard Z39.50, and ISO standard 23950. The National Information Standards Organization of the United States (NISO) relating to libraries begin with Z39. To use Z39.50, you will need either special software or have an ILS with Z39.50 capabilities. Z39.50 acts like a “back door” into a library catalog. In order to download another library’s records, that library has to allow Z39.50 access to its catalog. If it does, though, there is no fee to pay the library providing the record ... ... ...

* History
* What Z39.50 Does
* Advantages and Disadvantages
* Modernization Efforts

Read More in the Source Article: Z39.50

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Speakers and sessions for #IMMERSIVE ‪#ITALY‬ + 7th European Immersive #Education Summit (EiED 2017) have been announced. Join the world’s experts in educational #VirtualReality, #AugmentedReality, learning games, 3D Printing & more. Speakers have included #Harvard, United Nations, #MIT, NASA, #Smithsonian, Disney, #Google, Intel, #Stanford, Microsoft, United States Department of Education, United States Department of the Interior, USC, UCLA, and other world-class organizations and academic institutions.

Abstracts and details:

#ImmersiveEducation #ImmersiveLearning #VR #EdTech #Immersion #i2017 #3DPrinting

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Hi everyone. The "Learn to Earn” global education scholarship will expand beyond #Bitcoin to include #Litecoin and #Ethereum, starting with Immersive Italy and 7th European Immersive Education Summit (EiED 2017). Established in 2014 by the non-profit Immersive Education Initiative, scholarships are allocated under 2 categories:

1) Professional Development: Funding for #teachers, #students and budding young #entrepreneurs to attend educational conferences, receive training and certification on #immersive technologies for education, and enroll in camps, clubs and classes that they could not afford otherwise.

2) Intellectual Enrichment: Rewards learners of all ages who complete intellectually challenging tasks using #educational software as well as using commercial video games and software products that, while not specifically designed for educational purposes, support intellectually challenging and enriching activities (such as Minecraft, Portal, LittleBigPlanet, Civilization, Google Earth & Sky, Scribblenauts).

For details visit:

#EdTech #VR #ImmersiveEducation #ImmersiveLearning #Education

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What are the Benefits of RDA?


* RDA builds on the strengths of AACR2 but has some new features that make it more useful for description as a cataloging code for the digital environment in which libraries now operate.

* RDA is better at catering for digital resources and for resources with multiple characteristics and will provide more guidance on the creation of authority headings.

* RDA has been developed with the end-user in mind.

* RDA provides a consistent, flexible and extensible framework for the description of all types of resources, including digital resources and those with multiple characteristics.

* RDA is compatible with internationally established principles, models, and standards.

* RDA is compatible with a range of encoding schemas, such as MODS, Dublin Core, ONIX and MARC. It will allow library bibliographic records to be integrated with those produced by other metadata communities, and to move into the digital environment beyond library catalogs.



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Still wondering how can #technology help you in your activity at the #library? Read Mick Fortune's insights on the role of technologies in improving library services and offering a better experience to the patrons.
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