It seems Flattr have changed or broken their API. I'll push out a new version of BeyondFlattr that no longer crashes because of this, but it won't work either. I'll have to wait for an update of the Flattr library I'm using.
This is no longer fun.

BeyondFlattr is back in the Google Play store for new users. No feedback whatsoever, but a third of existing users have upgraded. I'll just assume it works.

I have published a new version of BeyondFlattr (1223) that seems to mostly work with the new Flattr API. Any feedback is appreciated.

Things are looking up. It seems Flattr have sort of fixed their API without telling anyone. The Flattr library I use has also been updated. When I install BeyondFlattr directly from my computer to my phone all is well. When I publish the same app to Google Play it doesn't work. I'm investigating.

It seems +Flattr have lost interest in their API. I have now lost interest in +Flattr
It is such a shame to see a great idea die.
RIP +Flattr

As there is nothing happening with the Flattr API, I have now unpublished BeyondFlattr from the app store. This will stop people from finding the app and installing it. Existing users will still be able to use the now defunct app. I'll make the app available again in the unlikely event that the situation changes. I'm deeply frustrated and disappointed. If +Flattr don't want apps to flattr content or don't think this is a priority, then so be it.

Flattr's API for using +Flattr from an app is currently not working and they claim the have more pressing things to do than to fix this. More pressing than allowing podcast listeners to flattr podcasts. I thought that was sort of what flattr did. My mistake.
Therefore BeyondFlattr is currently not working and will be removed from the Play Store if the situation doesn't improve. This is very frustrating, but I think +Flattr have just deprecated themselves.

+Flattr oauth authentication is currently broken. I'm investigating.

Hey guys,
I have a lot of problems recently. Apparently flattr's api is quite unstable at the moment. Is there a possibility to limit retires? The app is heating up my device, because it retries every time the Wi-Fi is available. It would be nice to just retry every hour or so.

Aaand it's broken again...
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