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Gather a thorough insight into Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy by hearing this podcast - Ben greenfield interviews Dr. Pawluk , the medical authority on PEMF.

How PEMF Works
How PEMF Works

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It honestly doesn't get better than this! Discover the world's favorite magnetic sleep device for biohacking deep sleep, recovery, ageing and more! Available worldwide with 90-day full money back guarantee (since 2002!)
Check it out:

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It’s no secret that chronic pain is an epic uphill battle for society at large. Read this article published on medium to learn how Pulsed Electromagnetic Fielf therapy works for pain management. #painrelief

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PEMF device for sleep, chronic pain, anti-aging and loads of many more benefits - EarthPulse v5Pro PEMF system -

We can only promote an anti-Zionist overall Oneness.
don't be fooled, afraid 2speak truth because a racist group of people,
will try placing the racist label falsely upon you
We must do what we think is RIGHT,
the pineal cannot become strictly a tool for Kabbalah Satanism
We must clean the earth of pollution and bring back the Pineal-Gland!!
Although, we cannot promote the laws of attraction or an overall Oneness (like Plato preached) - only to b sucked into the Zionist's goal to make us all the same. It's a trick.
They want only Jews to control the world (rest are enslaved)and perform the most horrid and brutal treatment of our Earth and experimentations with the people. Wicked, unholy, and evil acts of terror like were performed when the took over Russia (1917 formed Soviet Union) crucifying tens-of-thousands of Priests and torturing to death tens of millions of people.
Or, what just happened in Iraq, ISIS fully armed with U.S./Israeli money, backing, and weapons to surround 2million people because of their religion AND BRUTALLY COMMITTTED THE MOST RECENT GENOCIDE, forcing women to watch 2-3 days as their son die by crucifixion, and all women raped at the Altars of their Churches before being killed

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false-flags, Creation, Real drug-trade, Pineal, helping those fallen victim to antichrist's drugs
An abundance of Videos ans PDFs

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learn the truth of the Pineal, Creation, False-Flags, and Drug-Trade on: an abundance of PDF's and Documentaries

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Studies about biomagnetic supplementation for Osteo health prove this therapy improves the bone density and increases bone / connective tissue recovery.

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