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It's been a while since the last time I updated this page, and I'm glad to announce that I now own one of the newest and best supplement companies to ever exist (: It's called Seat of the Soul Supplements, and the ingredients are great for detoxification / decalcification of the pineal gland. If you want to check them out, feel free to head over to the Facebook ( or Instagram ( pages! Also, feel free to comment, message, email, etc! I am here to help, and so are these supplements! Having only been around for a year, they have already been tried and cherished by hundreds of people, internationally, in every continent except Antarctica!

A major priority is a shift towards 100% recycled, zero-waste methods, as well as sourcing ingredients with minimal allergen-contaminations, sustainable suppliers, etc. These supplements typically are helping people sleep better, dream better, have less head pressure, headaches, migraines, etc in the first few weeks or first few months!

I find it necessary to explain why I made my own line of supplements & business in the first place: After having tried MANY brands of supplements, I have been able to detect which brands are REAL, and which ones are FAKE. Having recommended certain supplements to people (such as MSM), I wanted to make sure ZERO hard-earned dollars, euros, etc get wasted on FAKE supplements with zero benefits. Thus, I researched and developed my own line of supplements using ONLY 100% real, pure & powerful ingredients. That way, everybody gets what they are actually asking for! Please don't hesitate to contact! Peace, Love & Healing to all of you.

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Experiencing higher frequencies, a new perspective on things, why our heart and minds are disconnected and many more. 

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We should all smile more!
Being positive, seeing a genius in all people and avoiding referring to some people verbally (in their absence) or mentally as "stupid", "moron", "idiot", etc is a real aid to developing precise Telepathy. One easy way to help move away from negative "stupid" ultra common labels in thinking or speaking, is to recall that everyone is a Genius at something. Peasants are geniuses at farming and trees and etc. Janitorial staff are geniuses at picking garbage fast and efficiently. Even the worst people are geniuses at knowing details about how certain people operate, they are geniuses in a field of expertise. :)

Another good way to counteract negative words and labels is to realize everyone is misinformed in some areas and it's impossible for people to know everything, so some people smoke, drink, etc because they are misinformed, not "stupid". :)

Finally, a third method to avoid negative thoughts is to smile more often. :) Smiling is extremely effective at aiding a more positive and even emotional average - which is essential for good Telepathy, Happy Relationships and World Peace too :)

Laughter is the best medicine, Smiling is arguably one of the best Longevity and Telepathy Enhancers.:) ◄ (has more on telepathy enhancing habits such as smiling). To smile silently, one cannot speak, and not speaking makes it easier to LISTEN to TELEPATHY from Spirits and to Radiate healing peaceful vibes. :) Smiling often is auto suggesting us to be a fountain of happiness for others, to be an ocean of gentle tender soft silent kindness ( for all around us. :)


Smile width and frequency predicts health and longevity - according to a recent Wayne State University Study The LA Times article says "People who smile a lot are usually happier, have more stable personalities, more stable marriages, better cognitive skills and better interpersonal skills, according to research. Science has just uncovered another benefit of a happy face. People who have big smiles live longer."

For more studies linking smiling to a 10-15% longer lifespan, see the TED 7 min talk at :). Here is an actual study showing smiley people live longer ►


How to be happy and smile more using contemplation or meditation or prayer ►
When we smile what we do, even while sitting on a chair talking to someone, is shifting the position of the mouth muscles slightly, as we do for our legs when we walk. As stated at, one habit for telepathy development is to move as if we are shifting into another world, slowly, to walk like we thread on a thin ice. If we are in a situation where such walking is not feasible, we can practice the shifting of dimensions thru the gentle movement of our belly as we breathe and of our mouth as we recall to smile. What this does is create an ever slightly closer connection with the zero point energy field ultimately, as we shift in and out of it thru awareness using biological movement processes to guide the intent of connecting with the kindness field. The movement of the eyes as they relax the gaze to the universally gentle kindness for all beings look - can be a trigger for shifting and concentrating astral rays of healing. It can be done even while we relax or meditate with eyes closed, it can allow better remote viewing too (as long as intent is noble and world peace enhancing), since RV is telepathy. There is nothing hidden from the intelligent intent reading zero point energy field, so as we shift more into it, we become slightly more telepathic. Non-local, wormholes in the eyes, staring at the light of universal mercy-forgiveness-compassion, transducing the matter into another world, as a poem of translation. As the belly, facial and eye muscles are moving and shifting, as it were, they are swimming in the ocean of everlasting grace, light and compassion of God or zero point energy. :) And it's like a gel made of the sweetest softness that brushes against these muscles, as the translation advances. To smile silently, one cannot speak, and not speaking makes it easier to be more aware, observe, listen to TELEPATHY from Spirits and to Radiate healing peaceful vibes. :)

Hello everybody! I am offering supplements that will help you Decalcify, Detoxify and Re-Activate your Pineal Gland! Please let me know if you would be interested in getting a "Decalcification Kit" for you and/or any loved ones you may have in your life. Some symptoms that Decalcification of the PG usually helps get rid of are: headaches, insomnia, inability to dream, and other neurological disorders. As the chief creator of Melatonin and Serotonin in the brain, the PG is a very vital organ to keep in pristine condition (:

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Take control over your own health!
Top quality organic health products and natural remedies.
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Alex, my name is Trevor. I was blessed to come across your TEDx talk on the net rather recently. Contact me @ Im interested in your decal fast track product/idea. Lets talk. I see the energy you're trying to deliver. 

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Detox faster than ever before!
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