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Did I want to make this video. Honestly I didn't, but I had to speak out or else I'll keep it bottled inside for too long.

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Well so it came to this. No pony is active well fine be that way! I'll probably delete this sooner or later and no pony would care! NO PONY! Sigh What was even the point of this I mean sure I wanted to make this community just so I could share stuff and yet no one is active. Sigh maybe I should be the one that's active on here. I mean sure when I first started this account and made this community I would probably have some people being active on here. Hmmm I think I'm missing something on here. Something that I've forgotten on this community. Question: What is it that I'm missing? Hmm I must find out what it is. Hides in the shadows of the community and waits

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I got to find a way to spice this community but what? Ehhhh IDK what do you guys suggest I do with this community?

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Guys I don't know if this should die. Because I feel like no one cares about this community I made.
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Should it die
Or continue

Come on everyone, let's make this simple community shine bright like a Shiny Sticker.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY/EVERYPONIE I hope everyone has a good year. 2016

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if you want to join my community here a link so you can join it

I will update it when ready
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