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City of Greyhawk Arena Pit Fighters - The Twelve
City of Greyhawk Arena Pit Fighters - The Twelve

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Game prep for tonight's Classic AD&D Session #1
WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
via Roll20/Google Hangouts
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WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun (AD&D) - PLAYER RECRUITMENT!

Since I’ve been posting about running WG4 for the 100th Session of my AD&D Classics Campaign crew, there has been some interest in me running this for other folks!

We’re looking to flesh out the party with a few additional Players!
If you’re interested in joining, please read the following:

This Sunday night will be a “Session Zero” and Character Generation session wherein we will discuss AD&D rules options, methods of rolling up Characters (or which Canonical Heroes from The Rogues Gallery are on offer!) and preferred playing times (on Sundays) for these sessions.

When: THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 10th from 8-10pm EST
Where: Roll20/Google Hangouts

As my wife is on tour for the month of June, I’ll be running games on Sundays throughout the month.
After that, it will be sporadic Sundays moving forward.

Depending on the choices we make in Session Zero and during play, this could take anywhere from 2-10 Sessions to complete.

Please PM me (direct message via G+) if you’re interested AND available this Sunday night for Session Zero AND can play on Sundays moving forward.

If you aren’t available on Sundays, I’m sorry!

If you’re new to Roll20/Google Hangouts, that’s fine (it’s free & easy!) as long as you have a (fairly new) working computer with good internet access and headphones and an audio mic (built in is fine). Webcam/video is not necessary.
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AD&D Classics Campaign - Session #100: The Forgotten Temple Of Tharizdun
System: 1st Ed. AD&D (with Unearthed Arcana rules)
Setting: World of Greyhawk
Platform: Roll20/Google Hangouts

The stars are right for some major cosmological event to occur in the coming days at the site of the recently discovered “Forgotten Temple Of Tharizdun,” a fell place dedicated to the worship of The Chained God, Lord of Chaos and Entropy, He of Eternal Darkness, Tharizdun.

The Demi-God on Oerth, Iuz’s reclamation of the Orb Of Golden Death (directly from the hands of the Heroes) has catalyzed malign activity within the greater forces of Chaos. Iuz originally forged that artifact with his consort, Zuggtmoy (the Demon Queen Of Fungi) and it was first lost after her imprisonment after the Battle Of Emridy Meadows and the first sacking of the Temple Of Elemental Evil in CY569 (how it was acquired by Falrinth, a known conspirator of Lolth, remains unknown).

This, and the Cursed Half-Orc Hero Gogue’s conversion to the Cult of the Elemental Eye combine with his physical proximity to Zuggtmoy in her Interdicted Prison (as per intel from Kella, the Druid posing as a Hill Giant in the ToEE’s lower dungeons) has caused some seismic activity shift in the ley line that geographically pass through both the ToEE and the Forgotten Temple, which is how this lost location was detected by the divination magic by the Circle of Eight (led by Mordenkainen & Tenser).

*Prince Melf Brightflame’s Knights Of Luna were teleported to the site of the Forgotten Temple (in the foothills of the Yatil Mountains) and found that the Upper Temple was inhabited by a large group of humanoids (Norkers, Gnolls, Ogres & Trolls) led by a Mountain Giant. The vast majority of troops were slaughtered but the Giant fled to the lower dungeons with a small group of loyal guards (Hill Giants, Ogres and a massive Giant Troll, plus his pet Dire Wolves).

It was at this point that, with the Elven forces being exhausted, it was decided that a mission led by specialized forces should be conducted to further the exploration and neutralization of the Lower Temple Of Tharizdun and the “Black Cyst” at its core.

It is Prince Melf’s fear that there are forces - both here on Oerth and in the Outer Planes - interested in liberating The Chained God Tharizdun, He of Eternal Darkness (primordial Lord of Chaos and Entropy) and all possible steps must be taken to prevent this.

Prince Melf himself must return to the front lines at Dorakaa, the capital of Iuz’s burgeoning necrotic empire, to keep those dark forces in check and to ensure that the Old One remains suitably distracted from the events at The Forgotten Temple during the mission - dread forbid that Iuz would again deign to personally interfere!

In the meantime, a hand-selected group of devoted specialists will be teleported to the site, equipped by magicks granted by the Circle of Eight (and recovered from the initial infiltration of the temple), in an attempt to thwart whatever cosmological or Oerthly activities might be occurring within, and beneath, the Forgotten Temple Of Tharizdun.

Amongst their ranks are Riggby, Cleric of St. Cuthbert (who was part of the contingency sent to seal Zuggtmoy beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil during it's first sacking), Otis & Elmo of Hommlet, both veterans of the Battle of Emridy Meadows, Burne, His Most Worshipful Mage of Hommlet, Jaroo Ashstaff, the Druid of the Grove in Hommlet, Canoness Y'Day, the head priestess at the Temple of St. Cutherbert in Hommlet, Couness Tillahi & her consort, Sir Juffer (emissaries from Celene who were recently liberated from their imprisonment by the Fire Temple beneath the ToEE - their very presence on this mission indicates that they side with Prince Melf over his cousin, Yolande, Queen of Celene, who remains isolationist on missions such as these).


* The Mage of the Vale was actually the first to divine the magical fluctuations in the ley lines that led to the location. Why he chose to share his intel with the Circle of Eight is unclear as his motives are usually antithetical to that esteemed conclave (as are all his motivations, generally speaking).

One explanation may be that his Vale is geographically proximate to the Yatils and Tharizdun is an existential threat to all sides of the cosmological spectrum, save Chaotic Evil.

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