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Okay, so here is how my character looks

Jean stares at the lake and sits down at the water's edge It's been a while A smile grows, but it quickly fades I almost forgot what I was doing here. He grabs a tied-up human and summons his rapier and holds it against the human's throat Now, is this the sacrifice you wanted? The water begins to ripple, as if it is responding
You're a sick bastard, you know that? But whatever. One more piece of trash off the streets. He slits the person's throat and throws him into the water. Then a bottle filled with black dust emerges, but while he receives the bottle, he sees you Hey! What are you doing here?! He points the rapier towards you and you come out of your hiding place
((Open RP))

"Here comes the smoke!"-
(Dark Crystal)
Name: Jean Abategiovanni

Nickname: Fumée

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Sexuality: Jean seems hetrosexual, but he is actually homosexual.

Blood Type: O+

Personality: Jean is a calm and always positve guy, but that is only on the outside. Dig a little deeper and you'll find out that he is a very scary, dark, and crazy teen. Nobody really knows what is on the inside because the only person who found out, was never seen again.

Gem: Smoky Quartz
         Meaning of Gem: believed to be nature's stone of endurance,                fostering serenity, calmness, and positive thoughts

Weapons: Jean's arsenal includes a grey rapier with a black blade and white handle. From the rapier, he can create smoke to either create a dummy for the enemy to attack or for him to use smoke to disappear or blind the enemy. Then comes his glyph. The glyph is grey with a pure white symbol for air. The glyph can be used as a shield or to give Jean a boost when he needs it. His glyph can also help with his magic to summon certain creatures to do his bidding.

Spiritual Creature: From his glyph he can summon his familiar, his familiar is a black fairy that protects him with the air element.

Magic: As explained before, Jean can use his glyph to summon certain creatures or to shield him from an attack. His rapier helps him use smoke to help him or to make dummies for the enemy to attack while he strikes.

Bio: The most that is known about his past is that his father was arrested for the murder of the person he cheated on. After that, his mother fell to drugs and began to abuse him. She soon got arrested for drug possession and child abuse. He now lives with his grandma and leaned magic and how to fight to find a cure for the disease that struck his grandmother. The rest is a mystery.

I glare angrily at the man, in my head, he's not doing anything at the moment but I had followed him for only half an hour so I knew that something would happen soon. Well no, I hoped that something would happen soon. that way no one could get angry at me for, dealing with a random man. I smiled, it wasn't a happy smile but then again, I'm not a very happy person at the moment. All through the day I'd felt like someone was following me, even when I was in this mans shadow it still seemed like someone was following me. Maybe it was because that body wasn't  really hidden as well as it could have been... Or it might have been because I messed with her too much... But still, you can't just blame that on a random person. I smirk happily and concentrate again on the man who I was watching. He had started to walk faster and was going through the back alleys, I didn't know where he was going but I was getting excited. Time to kill a man. I whispered to myself.

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((I was supposed to do this three days ago...))

Name: Diana
Age: Still Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Gem: Diamond
Weapon: Diamond Tipped Spear
Spirit: Humming Bird
Bio: After some years, Diana's boyfriend swore that he would find out the gems secrets and he went super crazy. Her parents died from a battle and she became queen of the castle. She still wished she could see her sister another time. She doesn't go outside that much and matured.

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Name: Jet Akumu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Gem: Garnet
Weapon: A garnet-bladed fishing knife
Power: He sings to access the power of the moon.
Spirit Animal: Chipmunk
Personality: Caring, Always lost in thought
Bio: A year ago, he met the girl of his dreams, Kao. He became her blood partner, and then no one else could drink his blood, for it was infused by vampire blood. He had a terrible secret though. He was part demon from an old legend in the 18th century. This demon killed everything it truly hungered for. He killed his blood partner's parents in the past and his sister in the future. He almost killed Kao, but she decided it was time for her to "leave". After her death, she came back as a cat, the cat that appeared in his dreams before. She was kept by a girl named Rowan, a girl from England who loved to draw. Before he could confess his feelings for her, he came across a strange stone and as he touched it, he was transported here.

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Name: Jonathan Byrd

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Gem: Amethyst

Animal Spirit: Deer

Abilities: To build machines in under a minute. He is very smart, but still regains his powers to speak to animals.

Bio: When he was a teenager, his girlfriend's brother died. She ran far away, into places unknown. He swore that he would find her by studying gems and where they came from. For that was where she went...


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Season 2
(Dark Crystal)
Name: Isaac Kurai (Kurai means Dark :3)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Angel
Sexuality: Straight
Crystal: Sapphire
Animal Spirit: Black Rabbit
Powers: Teleportation and Controlling Dark Magic
Weapon: Claw-like Gloves made by Pandora's Evil Spirit.
Personality: Rarely Nice, Distant, but the sweetest guy ever when you get close to him
Bio: Being an angel who was banned from both the Heavens and the Underworld, he's been shunned by many. Only humans will try to be friends with him, but knowing that they'd probably end up like him if they become too close to him, he doesn't have any friends. He tries to take revenge on the people who shunned him and who locked him out of the Heavens and the Underworld.

Stephanie walked along the grass, looking around, not feeling a bit scared. I know there are evil creatures in here, but who cares! You'll protect me, right, Pinky? she summons her white rabbit and light was shed in the small area. Monsters were revealed and she giggled Do you seriously think you can kill me? I think not!
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