Underway I do most booking in the CASH account.
But I have always to change the mount from receiving to spend.
Why is the preset for this account on receiving? While most of the
bookings are spending. I ad once/twice a month money from the bank
to the wallet, the rest is spending. It looks me more logical to preset it
to spending. (Or make it presettable for the user).


Question: why does the app keep such a long history of backup files? I was examining my device storage today and was surprised to see Gnucash consuming over 80 Mb. I delete all transactions after exporting them so that made little sense. Turns out that the app is keeping backup files in storage dating back more than a year; over 4000 such files in my case. I did not know it was doing this and would like to turn it off or at least limit it to something like 30 days, but I see no such setting.

Final release of +GnuCash #Android v2.4.0 starting rollout today on the Google Play Store. For manual installs, you can also get it here:

Changes in this release include:
* Adds CSV export
* Fix scheduled transactions crash on Android 8
* Fix compatibility with Gnucash desktop (v2.7 and up) XML files
* Fix crash during QIF export due to higher fraction currencies
* Fix backups taking up too much space

Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible.

Google Pay will start in Germany this month. Are there any plans to integrate it with gnucash?
It would be great if a payment would automatically trigger a transaction in gnucash.

Hey there,
There is a new release currently in beta testing, GnuCash Android v2.4.0-beta1.
Highlights include:
- Export of transactions in CSV format
- Improve GnuCash XML compatibility with GnuCash desktop 3.+
- Limit the space used by backups.
- Bug fixes and improvements

The CSV export functionality is still a work in progress and will be modified/improved in subsequent beta releases of this series.

As always, your feedback is crucial to the development of the app.
Thank you to all who participate in the beta program and help us fix bugs.


how to split transaction in GnuCash Android?

I just realised that the app only allows you to search categories but not specific entries. Is it just me or am I missing something?

Hi everyone
New here so be patient with me please :)
Downloaded gnucash on my computer and really like it but now I want an app for my android phone so I can enter transactions when I'm not home
What is the difference with the app on google play Gnucash and the the app Mobile gnucash Which one would be easiest to use that I could transfer after to my computer?

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I upgraded to gnucash version 3.0 on my desktop. Uploaded a bunch of transactions into various accounts using the csv file upload. Transferred the backup file to my Android application and imported it. I now see that all the currencies are showing as xxx. See screenshot below. Not sure how to fix this issue. Can someone help ?
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Currency of Pakistan (rupees) is missing. A search box for currency list.
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