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Lets see what idea each of us have on AI..
Like the projects you would like to develop and stuff..

We will then discuss about the specs and other details.. 


any one who had a research of awareness of an human that could lead a platform of an AI i don't know what is the right term any idea master?

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I hope this is in the spirit of this community. I learned a lot about artificial intelligence programming by completing the UC Berkley Pacman projects.

PS: I've posted my solutions here (in case people get stuck).

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Bipropagation example with TensorFlow

Much faster and more reliable than Backpropagation.

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Faster and much simpler than classical CNN

Bipropagation - a new deep learning algorithm

Below is a link to the demo written in Matlab. This demo is as similar as possible to the deep learning demo which is a part of Matlab. So you can easy compare both algorithms and see by yourself the difference between them . Please cite me if you use my algorithm (Nova Publishers, 2014, Advances in Machine Learning Research, chapter 3). Let me know what do you think about it!

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I have published "Bipropagation" example written in Matlab language.
I Believe that it have many advantages over autoencoder from Hinton.
Please tell me what do you think about it.

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Hi everyone,
A word to let you know that we'll be launching our brand new #AI  programming game at DeveloperWeek 2016. It's called San Francisco 2442:, registration is free and open to all coders.
Also, if you're around between Feb 12 to 17, we're giving away 200 open tickets to attend DeveloperWeek :) Just state you wish to receive your pass while registering to SF2442.

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This is a strong AI project  aimed at creating a artificially intelligent unity desktop environment. This is a big project and we need help, but it is also a volunteer project so you can come and go as you like.

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