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Agenda Widget Beta

This is a little app i have been working on lately. It's help you to view your agenda right on the home screen with beautiful, customizable widgets, with many useful information.


● Beautiful widgets with useful information.

● Synced with Google calendar.

● Customizable themes.

● Display calendar events.

● Display weather forecast for upcoming days (up to 10 days in future).

● Display friend's birthdays.

● Supports Chinese lunar calendar and Moon phase calendar.

More themes/features are coming, all your ideas, suggestions are welcomed!

How to get it

1. Opt-in to our beta program by going to the following link:
2. Get the app from Google Play Store:

One more thing

I decide make this app separated from Month due to the large differences between them and amount of time, effort i spent making it (i'm almost rewrite all the code for this app, a very little of code was reused).

I hope you will find this app useful and enjoy using it.

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I use month widget in my tablet.
Event descriptions are cut prematurely, even though theres enough space for more words.

The agenda widget is the nicest one out there but the lack of refresh is rendering it useless. Not sure of the rate but I need it near real time. The only way I've found to refresh is to reboot my phone. I would be fine even it had a manual refresh I could trigger myself.

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Holidays show up in the Month widget as two days instead of one. What I mean is, whenever there is a special holiday, it shows up twice in the widget instead of once.
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I'm using your month widget and it's perfect except for one thing. Is it poosible to display all-day entries, that are longer than one day, as a single line instead of one block for each day? Just like the calender widget by Google, as you can see on the Screenshot.

Thank you 👍🏻

The agenda widget is not automatically updating to stay on the current day on my phone. If I go in the settings for the widget and change a setting or reapply a theme it will update to display current date but will again fall behind as the date changes.

I'm still experiencing the one day offset issue on calendar Month widget. The offset is present if I display "Labeled events" on the calendar. Any updates on this issue?

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Hi, just a quick question, it seems that I can not change the number of displayed weeks, how can I fix that? Thanks. (using pixel 2xl, everything was working perfectly on Nexus 6p and lg g6)
P.S. changing a theme or launcher (Nova/stock) doesn't help.
Thanks ^^
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