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We are delighted to invite you at the Grindr - iOS Event May 29th.

Grindr is holding the Grindr Tech Talk - Test Driven Development, Unit Testing and code metrics presented by Lukas Sliwka, Grindr’s VP of Engineering.

The talk will focus on Implementing Test Driven Development, Unit Testing and code metrics when building mobile iOS applications.

Great opportunity to network with the industry people. Plus, Free Parking + Free Beverages + Food.

Please register or RSVP at the URL grindr.eventbright.com

You are most welcomed if you want to add this event to your group and share this info with your other group members.

Looking forward to a great Tech Talk!


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Intertech offers #Java architecture and design consulting services! Learn more about them today. 

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Over the weekend, news broke that Yahoo was displaying advertisements that could allow hackers to gain control over users' computers. 

Here's an explanation of what happened and how it might affect certain users. 

Hiring Technical Manager for a US based CMMi 4 Level company @ Mumbai * Exp- 12+ years *good exp into Java/J2EE, exp into management and technical architect activities, good into UML/Design patterns/Design modeling tools, exp into Cloud/ Mobile apps domain *Interested candidate can send resume to sunita@lakshhr.com& references are also welcome.

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In ApnaCircle, we are organizing a walk-in in the office on 15th June (Saturday) from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Please spread this opportunity with your contacts who might be interested to join us in Java Development & Testing team in Noida office.

There is the complete job description :



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Streaming MapReduce with Scala and GridGain

Come to GridGain's talk - “Streaming MapReduce with GridGain” - and participate in a live coding session, in Scala, of an application based on Hadoop’s example that counts popular words. The GridGain application performs the same analysis in a real time context, and will show users how to build applications to perform distributed parallel in-memory processing on live data.

In this live-coding session, Dmitriy Setrakyan, co-founder of GridGain Systems, will show how GridGain can be used to build real time data processing and analysis applications very quickly. Most of the presentation will provide a live "from scratch" coding example of an application based on Hadoop's example of calculating word frequencies in the large body of text. GridGain will create a similar example that works in a 100% real time context instead. The live coding part of the presentation will be done using Scala programming language that is natively supported by GridGain. The initial 15 minutes of the presentation will be devoted to explaining the big data concepts and high level explanation about GridGain and Hadoop MapReduce approaches to solving it. Overall, the presentation is definitely hands-on, and requires a familiarity with Scala and basic level of understanding for distributed programming concepts such as in-memory data caching/grids and compute grids. GridGain provides in-memory compute and data grid middleware for developers to build faster analytics and processing systems. Their free open source Community Edition is available at www.gridgain.com.

Read more: http://www.intertech.com/Free-Developer-Training/Streaming-MapReduce-with-Scala-and-GridGain.aspx#ixzz2LeCXWsYx

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Scala for the Intrigued
Get the inside scope on Scala.

Scala is a statically typed, fully OO, hybrid functional language that provides highly expressive syntax on the JVM. It is great for pattern matching, concurrency, and simply writing concise code for everyday tasks.

If you are a Java programmer intrigued by this language and are interested in exploring further, this session is for you. We will go through a rapid overview of the language, look at its key strengths and capabilities, and see how you can use this language for your day-to-day programming.

This session will be coding intensive, so be ready for some serious Scala syntax and idioms..

Read more: http://www.intertech.com/Free-Developer-Training/TCJUG-Aug2012.aspx#ixzz2LeCSk9Yt

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Getting Started with jQuery Mobile
You need to build an app, and you need it to run everywhere. And you need it now! jQuery Mobile gives you the ability to write once and run everywhere. In this talk, we will discuss jQuery Mobile's advantages and unique features. We will also talk about jQuery Mobile design strategies, highlight many tips along the way, and see how to get up and running quickly.

Read more: http://www.intertech.com/Free-Developer-Training/Getting-Started-with-jQuery-Mobile.aspx#ixzz2LeCddYju

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Beyond Basic Spring

Are you are using the basics of Spring but wonder how you could get more out of it?  Do you still have xml configuration and JSON deserialization sprinkled everywhere?  In this talk, we’ll go over how Thomson Reuters reduces boilerplate code and solves very complex problems that affect applications of all sizes.  We will also look at some of the newer efficiencies that can help reduce complexity allowing you to focus on business logic.

Read more: http://www.intertech.com/Free-Developer-Training/Jan2012.aspx#ixzz2LeCHfOB6
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