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1: TOTAL DRAMA?! If you have no idea what Total Drama is, please DO NOT join. If you do watch and know Total Drama but have a strong dislike for Courtney DO NOT join, please go find another community, we do not want any Courtney hate! If any posts of these kind are found, you will be permanently kicked.

2: ONLY TOTAL DRAMA/MAINLY COURTNEY RELATED CONTENT! If you post anything unrelated to the community you will be given a warning, if happened again you will be kicked forever. TWO WARNINGS PER PERSON!

3: NO SPAM CONTENT! Such as "Repost for magical powers" or If you like :random character: repost, you you don't then ignore. If this happens you get a warning, if happening again you get kicked for a day. If happend constantly then you will be banned forever.

4: RESPECT MODS! If you disrespect a mod you will be permanently removed from the community, NO WARNINGS.

5: KEEP IT PG-13! If you post anything inappropriate, or any nudity you will be BANNED AND REPORTED.

6: NO BULLYING! Be kind to everyone in the community, no rude behavior, if you are found bullying you will be kicked for 1 day, if happened again you will be permanently kicked forever.

7: MODS! If you beg me to become a mod you will be given a warning, if you continue you will be permanently kicked. You may ask to be a mod in a post, POST MUST BE PRIVATE, NOT IN COMMUNITY when it comes to choosing mods I will be VERY picky. NOT FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED Most my mods will be close friends or long time followers. If you are desperate, just try to become closer to me, I don't bite (:

8: HAVE FUN! Remeber, this is a Courtney Protection Squad! We are here to have fun and protect Courtney from all the hate she gets!!!

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