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First beta of Crown Of Inamorta is now live on the Google Play store.

Download at

That's is this glitch that when you do tournament mode I can play with the magikill with 3 crouns. Step 1: go to tournament mode. Step 2: click on a lock one Step 3: click play step 4:go to menu Step 5: click tournament mode then you have it. Plwz fox this thanks

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please add chaos and elemental empires.

Man this game is awesome,it just need more army type,more event,more campaign,and more building
All in this game is more than 5 stars rating

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Yo tenia 3600 gemas juntadas al pasarmelo en dificil y locura y ya no estan y lo tenia enlaza a mi cuenta de play juegos

Add multiplayer mode please

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