Road safety educators Australia launches a 5 Star Driver Education Program #idrivesafety @Idrivesafety as it driving school brand servicing all Australian states and country towns. Actively seeking managment partners in New Zealand
1-Driver coaches.
2-Delivered using coaching methodologies
3-Graduated Education System (GES) that is performance based, with a safe process for every road user interaction.
4- environments matched to needs and outcomes delivered in live and dynamic environments
5- success is calibrated at every level & against Vision ZERO. learner and drive coach are calibrated.

The Australian and new Zealand driver training market has been seeking driversEd that offers real training not test routes where the risks after passing are high. Parents want Guarantees! to significantly reduce crash rates in teen age drivers and that is delivered in our Platinum Graduated Education Program (GES). driving is not rocket science, it is set processes with definable risks and solutions.

The most significant change to Australian driver education in 50 years. a curriculum that has 797 units of competency, a safe process for every road user interaction.
i don’t think i drive safely. #idrivesafety an automated safe process & managing all road users, I expect ZERO.
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