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(Relationship single)
Any rp's with me from now on will be done with this as me. Thanks Tiffany Bradford for the pic!
Name: Abdullah Silverstein
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 19
Bio: The average person who walks into his store will think he's just a normal furry or human depending on which form he takes. See, he's a kitsune.He's also a vampire. He has both a human form and furry form which he changes between frequently. His parents were never really around and he had become depressed so when he was 15 he summoned a vampire who instead of killing him turned him and left him though not before teaching him a few things about the supernatural world which while already a part of he knew nothing about because he was adopted by a human jewish woman and furry muslim father which is why he has a arabic first name and jewish last name since the mom's the legal guardian. He now goes to NYU and has a part time gig at a comicbook store. He has also gotten into hacking and uses his newfound talents to steal things only to return them just for the thrill
Likes: Drinking ketchup, cats, sweets, having fun(winks),his job,science,history,music, hacking,being a thief, stuffed animals
Dislikes: Liars, bullies, boredom, mustard,religion(doesn't dislike religious people though)
Kinks: Nekos( I did say he likes cats), BDSM, Switch(both dom and sub), Femboys, Futa's,Redhead's, Slime, Succubus, has a daddy/mommy kink
Personality: Mischiveous, a bit of a trickster but knows when he's going too far, Flirts with anything, Will defend anybody he thinks is innocent, Stubborn, points out when everyone's being an idiot,nerdy, has a bit of a short temper, despite his seemingly extroverted personality is a little shy

Hey I'm new here

drinks under depression

swims in the ocean looking for sharks while in black swim trunks patterned with blue sharks

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Name: Vincent Shao
Age: 17
Relationship: single for now
Sex: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Bio: Vincent Shao is from Cairo, Egypt and seeks pleasure all around the world. he is known in his family as "the wolf of lust" for his love of the sin of lust.

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cuidar para relajarse conmigo?(care to relax with me?)

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Care to have a drink with me mademoiselle?

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Put all the stress away ,just relax and enjoy your day
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