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Name: Julia "Jul" Carter, aka Snow Queen
Age: 23
Species: An Asguardian
Appearance: (I'll add a photo)
Personality: Kind, funny, cheery. If she lets her powers take her over, she is rude, sarcastic and is kind of like Tony Stark
Powers: Ice manipulation and is slightly faster than Captain America.

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Many people think that just because I'm a princess doesn't meAn I can't hold my own in a fight - princess bella of Asgard

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Name : Zoey Price
Personality : Keeps you guessing
About : Has issues with trust, nothing else really matters to me, keeps an open mind, struggles with making friends, breakable.
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Name: Mᴀʀᴋ Fɪsᴄʜʙᴀᴄʜ
Aliases: Mᴀʀᴋɪᴘʟɪᴇʀ, ШILҒRΣD ШΔRҒSTΔCHΣ
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Race: asgardian
Gender: Male

Focus of Battle: Warrior

Weapon- Enchanted Woodaxe called "Rosie", it is enchanted with Loki's blessings. giving it the ability to inflict a random punishment upon whatever it hits. these random events so far include (but arent limited to) Turning the foe into a creature (usually a chicken, rabbit or fox.), inflicting elemental damage (shock, frost, flame, ect.), Summoning a frost giant to dance with the foe, stripping the foe naked in an instant (negating armour.) and teleporting the foe miles up into the air to fall to his or her doom.

Personality: often loud, but caring and kind underneath the obnoxious exterior.

Fischbach was born in a mostly unknown town just outside Asgard. His father served the all-father as an imperial guard and was stationed to guard the town, where he met Mark's mother of Frost giant origin. His family moved to Asgard, when his father retired. Originally, Fischbach studied to become a Guard, but dropped out of training to pursue his summoner's career. He has one older brother, Thomas Jason Fischbach, who is an accomplished nobleman and author of the action/adevnture book "Twokinds". He grew up with his life long friends Myles Markle and Marcus Richard. Fischbach is known for his overactive style: yelling, screaming, cursing and even crying during retelling his battles. In his retelling of his battle against a brute of a frost giant, aswell as many more, he is known for reacting to the slightest thing. Markiplier often subtitles his curses as 'duck'{sometimes 'luck} and 'itch' even though he does not apologise for his profanity. He is known for branding his Horse with a pink moustache Logo (a reference to his alter ego, Wilford Warfstache) and has since dyed his hair pink, blue and red. He is also known for being incredibly loving and caring towards his fans. Fischbach often sings homemade songs to talk one on one with the community about various topics, many inspirational or about updates in his life. He regularly attends to his aging parents and is often seen studying within the walls of the library, the winking skeever however is where he engages in signings, meet and greets, and panels. He has also been involved in Sweetroll for a day Foundation to meet fans.

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I'll kill you Loki

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Hello, agent romanoff ,a pleasure
Hola,Agente Romanoff, un placer

Biography:C.Jayne woke up one morning when she was 18, in an Asgardian field with a purple lock of hair and no cloths, she was then taken in by Loki, after giving up her freedom to be His slave. She has not aged since that day.
Persnality:kinky, likes music, drawing, writing erotica, and doing as Loki says.
Appearance:Tall, large hips, small breasts, sky blue eyes, dark hair, muscular shoulders, small feet.

Sits, writing bondage and humming to self while wait for Loki's next order. (3 more peeps pls. Random shit. Ok?)

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