To fix an app crash in the Dig and Reverse DNS options dialogs, I have just released version 2.9.6 to the Play Store.

I've just released version 2.9.5.

In the Dig, DNS and Reverse DNS options dialogs, the alternative DNS servers can now only be selected, not edited, making for an easier to use dialog. You can manage DNS server via the "List of DNS Servers" menu.

It also fixes some smallish bugs and infrequent app crashes.


When using VPN (PIA) the DNS lookup times out on all records. Is this normal?


One more update has become necessary, and it has just been released as version 2.9.4.

It fixes the battery drain some people have experienced; that was caused by an errant NSD process.

It removes the default limit for 3G/4G connections for NetSentry; that should now never show any notifications unless the user put specific limits in place.

It also fixes a few bugs and crashes, especially on Android 4.

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Android 6
Ping and traceroute does not work.

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I just released version 2.9.3 which fixes the issue of NetSentry notifications being shown despite the update interval being set to never. Sorry for the repeated updates; I'm hoping this will be the last one.

I set the update time for NetSentry to "never", but just got an alert. Is there some other way to turn these off?

Quick update on the new NetSentry functionality: Due to a bug, clicking the notification doesn't open the respective screen in the app where the limit can be altered or removed. Yikes - that will be fixed soon.

Also, for the folks who have left terse 1-star reviews in the Play Store, it will be possible to turn the feature off entirely.

Both these issues will be addressed in the next release, due out in the first week of the new year.

Version 2.9 is now making its way through the Play Store.

Major new functionality is NetSentry which measures network traffic over the various network interfaces, and can put up notifications when usage quotas are about to breached. While recent Android versions have this built in for cellular data, it still has value for Wifi or VPNs.

Subnet Scan no longer uses Network Service Discovery on Android Jelly Bean (4.1 to 4.3) due to crashing bugs in those versions, and turns it off when done to conserve battery.

In HTTP Headers the Show long headers option has been removed (all headers are now shown always), and a new option Save page to file allows the HTML source code to be saved to local storage.

The Whois Lookup leaves out the usage and legal information that was in the output before, and shows more information for DK domains.

The List of DNS Servers can now be used to add nameservers and edit them, in addition to giving them
names or delete them.

Hi, would it be possible to add "--show-handles" to the whois command? Thanks for a great app!
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