Trying to run a periodic ping while I investigate a routing loop in a new ISP-configured router. The loop causes the ICMP response to be TTL exceeded. Regardless of the number of pings requested, the app returns one response and terminates. Looks like there is some error detection going in ping, such that it terminates on TTL exceeded instead of performing the requested number of attempts. Is this true and can that be overridden?

Version 3.1 is now making its way through the Play Store. The main changes are:

Secure DNS lookups using Cloudflare's or Google's public DNS servers

App shortcuts for repeating the most recent Ping, repeating the last action, and showing Network Info on Android 7.1 and newer

Added Cloudflare ( to the list of DNS servers. You may have to add it manually if you've previously edited the list of DNS servers

Bug fix: Adjusted the layout of the ping widget so that its contents don't get cut off with a larger screen size setting

Public DNS Servers

Google's public DNS server has been around for a while. Recently, both Quad9 (at and Cloudflare (at set up alternatives. does a good job of explaining those services. All three DNS servers (and a few more) are available in Ping & Net as alternate name servers.

DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS

Both Cloudflare and Google have recently published DNS-over-HTTPS services; see and An upcoming version of Ping & Net will support both these for DNS lookups.

The upcoming Android P will support DNS-over-TLS: Once that's released, Ping & Net will support it as far as possible.

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Minor cosmetic problem: on my Google Pixel 2 phone running Android 8.1.0 the third line of text of the widget is cut off on the bottom.

Version 3.0.3 has just been released.

It better handles cases where a VPN is active. In that case, a warning is shown that the default DNS server will likely not be usable for Dig, DNS and Reverse DNS (use an Alternate NS instead). An external DNS server is used automatically for UDP Traceroute in this case if necessary.

NetSentry now has network interface icons for loopback and tunnel connections, and a rare crash has been fixed.

I've just released version 3.0.2 which makes the following changes:

Fixed a Geo Lookup problem where IPv6 addresses could not be looked up.

Fixed the Is it up? functionality.

All external services are now accessed via HTTPS rather than HTTP whenever possible.

Version 3.0.1 is rolling out now; it has the following fixes:

A replacement for the defunct IP2Domain service used by Reverse DNS has been implemented.

The GCA Quad9 DNS servers ( and 2620:fe::fe) have been added. You may have to add them manually if you've previously edited the list of DNS servers.

An issue with saving the web page in HTTP Headers has been fixed.

An issue with Whois Lookup that caused fewer results to be displayed than were available has also been fixed.

Slight change of plans: I've just released version 3.0 through the Play Store. It does not have the new features I mentioned earlier, but the newly released Android 8 required some changes that I didn't want to delay. This is what's new:

The app has been renamed to Ping & Net to reflect that it does much more than just pings and DNS lookups.

It is now compatible with Android 8 Oreo, but no longer supports Android 4, as that required ever more workarounds.

The option dialogs are visually nicer, and have some easier-to-use user interface elements (especially for pings).

In the About dialog is an option to make Paypal donations, for anyone wanting to support the development of the app.

As always and still my go-to app. Awesome work!

Got a feature request: Currently, there are only 4 alternative nameservers available under the Dig option. Any chance support can be added for custom nameservers based on IP or hostname?
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