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Hey there!
I am Sven from Germany and very new to the ham radio bands.
73, Sven

Just ran an 80 meter loop around my yard and connected to the tuner.
Looks like the meter is not functional :(  HA! will give me a good reason to pop the cover off. I have a USB signalink coming on Thursday and can't wait to try some ax.25 stuff with HS-Soundmodem.  I'm in Beverly , MA if anyone wants to chat and link up to do some packet exchanges.
All the Best

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socialhams also supports A/V chat function, check it out on

amateur radio also called ham radio has evolved over the years there is so much a person can do on ham radio the traditional stuff h.f radio and vhf/uhf  useing computers operateing mobile and qrp low power,low signal operateing several digital modes.ham has come a long way over the years since i first got into the hobby. i have made some good friends because of ham radio.great people and great hobby.

i've been a ham twice in my life i got out of the hobby for about 12 years and became a ham for the 2nd time in my life in 2009. i operate on 2-meters and 440mhz. sometimes on 10 meters would like to get on echolink in the future.

Just got really active in the hobby after a long absence.  Enjoying my HF station and still active on 2 meters and 450.  Live in Oakmont Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh.  Have joined a number of G+ communities now I just hope I can keep them all straight and keep up with them.  :-)

Just picked up a Baofeng HT.This critter is not bad for 50 bucks!

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