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status:advent mage

Name- Ender
Age- 16
Gender- Male
Species- Dark Dragon
Magic- Dark Magic
Weapon- Double Dragon Sword
Class- A
Personality- Nice, Complicated,
Bio- I am just looking for some where to call home

Name- drake
Age- 17
Gender- male
Species- dragon
Magic- shadow magic
Weapons- bow
Class- a
Personality- nice, kind, and sweet
Bio- one day i accidently did shadow magic and i liked it and i learned it and my species banned me so i came here

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Name: chaos
Age: unknown to self (looks to be a teenager)
Gender: male
Species: nephilim (half demon half angel)
Magic: summoning and portals
Weapons (optional): osiris and soul edge (the cursed demon sword)
Class: A
Personality: quiet, protective, prefers to be near my pet, and agresive if need be
Bio: no knowledge of my past
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(open) sits upside down in a tree reading my book

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Name-  Scarlett Usagi
Age- never ask a lady her age! (19 human years, she’s been 19 for quite sometime now) 
Gender- Female
Species- Demon
Magic- Blood and elemental magic
Weapons- She uses a blade that is hardened blood. Every enemy she kills adds to the blade. 
Class- A
Personality- Scarlett can be bitchy most of the time, but if she fancies you, she’ll become very flirtatious. (She's a happy drunk unless she was pissed before getting drunk)
Bio- Scarlett is a laid-back teen. She has always been nice towards her friends until one of them stabbed her in the back… Like literally stabbed her with a knife. She seemed human for the longest time until that happened, because the spilling of her blood caused her demon powers to unlock. Her mother had gotten a very powerful mage to put a binding spell on her powers… but there was a catch… if her blood was spilt before her 18th birthday, they would become unlocked and she wouldn’t be able to seal them again. Scarlett went on a killing spree after this happened and had to be subdued with force that nearly killed her. Now she wears a collar that keeps her powers in check and it can only be unlocked by one person. Her ashikabi.
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I could be found laying in a tree, seemingly taking a nap

walks around, exploring
wow the architecture around here is beautiful!
stays clear of most people
hmmm.. it's so cool here..
scowls as she bumps into someone
Watch where your going.. she mutters and keeps on walking

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((First Blade is Shikai and second is Bankai. When in Visor mode he can be a little out of control. His Shikai looks like Ichigo`s final form. His Bankai looks like Ichigo`s fullbring mode.))
Name: Ryuga Satoshi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Status: Soul Reaper, Quincy
Zanpaucto: Nibomaru
Personality: Loving, caring, when Serious can be insulting
Likes: Soccer, music, anime, girl, manga
Dislikes: Jerks, Perverts
Bio: Before Ryuga was a soul reaper, he was the second best soccer player in his school. He practiced everyday to keep that title, but he was also a gamer. Ryuga was always a ladies man, so he had a group of fan girls behind him, even though he didn't want them to. Like Ichigo, he could see ghosts, but he gained this ability when he was 7, after the day his younger sister was killed by a hollow. Before the hollow could kill him, Byakuya Kuchiki came to his rescue. When he was 15, He used Byakuya`s powers to become a soul reaper. Now he has awakened and his sword has changed ((first sword picture)). His Phrase is :" Its game time."
February 1, 2014
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I walk into the courtyard Who wants to spar?
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