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Simulacrum Phone Case
Simulacrum Phone Case

Specially custom made phone case for iPhone X by etoide works.

Made of hybrid rubber combined with hard plate for better endurance and image quality.

Design available for iPhone, SAMSUNG, SONY, Xiaomi, OPPO, ASUS, VIVO, Lenovo, LG, HTC and Nokia.

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Simulacrum Pack!
Recursion Prime anomaly concluded are you ready to Recurse?

If yest here is the Pre-Order for the Simulacrum Pack which will be open until Friday, December 07, 2018.

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Recursion Prime Yogyakarta Full Print T-Shirt with custom IGN!

Dry-Fit, full print tee with custom IGN.

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+Andrew Krug

You have a fan. In the past I would block the sites posted so as not to give them more exposure, but it's rediculous that you guys don't block this crap. It's not hard. They don't even have to be creative ti pull it off. I know you get more sponsorship money for larger playerbases so these 10s of thousands of bots you let slide are helping you. But maybe you can ghostban/shadowban these accounts so is players aren't subjected to this crap and their services don't ruin the game and you can still manipulate your numbers to brag to your potential sponsors about. It's been well over 5 years now.

I encourage everyone to spam the AMA with screenshots of these and tag their sponsors. Maybe they will take it seriously if their sponsors no know about their deceiving numbers due to all these bots they let slide.

Tag their sponsors in the comments section. Also share and like for more visibility if these practices bother you.

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With the conclusion of the Brokers Guild and Drunken Frog investigations, CleanIngress is satisfied that the initial goals of the project are met:

- Players from both factions are engaging in frank discussion about the impact of cheating on players and communities.

- Niantic is taking a more active role in defending the integrity of the game.

These are positive changes, and necessary to the ultimate goal of arriving at a healthy, sustainable Ingress gameplay culture in which both the company and the player-base condemn rather than condone TOS violations as a default state.

The organization largely aligns with the premises of +Mat F.'s post, and wants to work towards a more realistic and accepted game ruleset.

We recognize that only Niantic can enforce the TOS and rules, and will continue to provide them information they need to do so. Ongoing and new investigations will proceed, but user lists will be released only to Niantic unless circumstances demand otherwise.

The organization is focused and committed to meeting our long term goal, and will continue to work to effect change in the best manner possible given the shifting nature of public discourse.

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#Vanguard #Niantic #Ambassador #GiantWallofText

Personal Thoughts on the Data Situation
After having read social media and chats over the past month, the issue regarding the systemic abuse of data has reached a critical point.

While I love popcorn (buttered) as much as the next person, there comes a time when we must seek a way forward. This is not just a responsibility of the Ingress community, it is also the responsibility of Niantic in rebuilding trust in their relationship with the player base.

I do not see a long term resolution to this issue unless the Ingress community and Niantic can work together. The community needs an ability to ‘whistleblow’ on such data abuse directly to Niantic and trust that the intel provided will be investigated and actioned accordingly.

Kangaroo Court

As a community, what we currently have are lists of names being thrown around in the realms of a ‘Kangaroo Court’. The people on these lists are considered guilty upon publication, there is no thorough investigation other than the incomplete evidence provided and the accused have no right of reply before being found guilty by the community. There needs to be a due process that provides fairness for those involved.

While there may be validity in the argument that without the current ‘lists’ surrounding Drunken Frog and the Broker’s Guild this issue would not be on Niantic’s list of priorities, the ‘Kangaroo Court’ needs to stop. The public posting of ‘self investigations’ needs to stop. Targeting those who released their investigations needs to stop. It is damaging the Ingress community as a whole and is damaging it well beyond the realms of the data issue. Let us not forget that the people behind scanners are real people, and our actions as a community can affect lives in a manner we may not realise.

I do not believe it is the sole responsibility of the community to move beyond this issue. Niantic has a critical role to play and without them I do not see how the community can move forward. This requires a proactive approach and taking steps to not only address the current situation, but also taking steps to not only prevent, but act, on future instances of data abuse.


The Niantic response to these kind of activities has been underwhelming over the years. In my mind, this is one of the core reasons to the situation we have today. Community confidence in the process hit an all time low, and as a result such ‘Kangaroo Courts’ as mentioned above were formed as trust in the reporting process was diminished. In addition, a previous lack of action has made developers and administrators of these tools more ‘bold’ in their tool development and expanding the reach of such tools without fear of consequence.

With the Broker’s Guild, and the subsequent investigation and action taken, there is a demonstration of the capability of a massive improvement in how Niantic handles such situations. The actions taken need to continue as a matter of overall policy. Action against reports and intel received by Niantic require this level of action where there is cause to do so. My understanding is the action against the Broker’s Guild was intel based with Niantic using legal means to protect their data and their users privacy.

As a community, we need to respectful that if Niantic is using legal mechanisms to take action against such ‘bad actors’, that the process will seem slow and communication on exactly what they are doing will be limited. Statements made by Niantic during a legal process may expose them to a level of legal risk themselves, or diminish their own case against a ‘bad actor’.

A public acknowledgement (as Niantic has done recently of the issue works fine as long as the community has confidence that something is happening. This is why trust with the player base is critical. The community must have confidence that these are more than words. Niantic must rebuild trust that they will take sufficient action and that similar levers used on the Broker’s Guild will be used to take action, where appropriate, when they receive information or tip offs to the systemic abuse of Niantic and player data. This includes Drunken Frog. This also includes tools related to spoofing.

I believe that having a more robust pathway for instances to be reported and actioned needs to be available. There needs to be a way for the community to escalate matters to Niantic for them to action to avoid these ‘Kangaroo Court’ situations. As players we have the ability to report online, however I do not believe this method is best served to address these serious instances of abuse that have come to light recently.

Remove the Grey

What is good data? What is bad data? If you ask 3 people, you will get 12 different answers. The grey area regarding intel data needs to be removed. As I have previously stated publicly, I support an API which would allow Niantic to control what data is exposed for public consumption and what data isn’t. This doesn’t mean NIA will release all your data via an API, there needs to be discussion around what would and would not be available under an API which would require a greater policy debate. I believe in an API as it would provide an easy ‘litmus test’ for users of tools to recognise whether a particular tool is acceptable for use.

I believe that another avenue that may need greater consideration is for Niantic to act as the ‘Gatekeeper’ between the API, data and the player base. Such an avenue may be for Niantic to be the auth server for access to tools. Such a system may have the potential to greatly resolve issues between the rogue nature of tool development and further protect user data from systemic abuse.

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As some of you have seen the emails. I've been quarantined twice three times now for flagging people that support the cheating and flagging the dev who blacklisted a leaker and discourages future leakers.

+Christoph Puppe​ it saddens me that you are so ignorant to the stance you are taking. We don't condone cheaters and a few quarantines is not going to silence me/us.

Collin took the words out of my mouth. We cannot passively support this, this is what allows cheaters to thrive.

Disabling comments and reshares so the discussion stay with the original OP.

3 times now.
I must express great sadness and dissent to the e-mail I just received from the ENL site V.
Why? Because of this "If you are of the opinion, V should blacklist all the cheaters that you or your circle consider cheaters, please vote: (the big red button)"

That "vote" however as explained later in the e-mail is this
"I can only offer you the way out and delete your account, it’s the red button mentioned before."

That's not a discussion. That is a statement that if you disagree with cheating and supporting cheaters then your only option is to delete your account. An actual conversation (or vote) would have been mind a whole different thing. But a "delete your account" message if you disagree is a pretty strong signal.

This is the type of even passive support that allows cheating to thrive in the community and actively destroy the game we love. I have deleted my V account and - although I never really used it - I delete it with a heavy heart at the implications that required me to do so.

So now I will take a firm stand. Not with V. But with +CleanIngress​ and those that are dedicated to playing fair since they realize that cheaters belong to no faction and should not be defended.
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Thank you for your services. I was sad to see your name on the list and was in disbelief... Then I find this post. Much respect. Much respect.
CleanIngress has completed a new investigation into a guardian scraping bot known as Drunken Frog. Details regarding this investigation were given to Niantic on December 5th and additional inquiry was done at their request. Now available publicly, they can be found at

Each CleanIngress investigation is managed by a unique team. Members associated with prior investigations should not be considered to be contributors to any subsequent action.

If you have a story of ingress cheating and the hard evidence to back it up, please contact us. We will protect your identity.

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