Are any states providing teachers PD or CE credit for participation in edchats? I have heard of a few but can't remember. Any links or posts about such?

I know they are not a state...but I invited to get an international alliance going :)

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Hi everyone! I wanted to extend an invitation to the #INeLearn  chat tomorrow night at 9EST. We are trying something new-a mashup of App Slam and Chat. I'd especially love if anyone had a recorded "slam" of a formative app that they drop in and share it.

I would LOVE to know what anyone is doing to help spread word about your state level chat with media and/or legislators and departments of education. I understand that some chats are now working directly with their Dept. of Ed, and some have coordinated for better promotion.

I have an idea for introducing the positive nature of #michED  to Michigan's legislature, but before I do, I'm curious to know if anyone here has gone down this road already.

We're planning a combined Tweet up with our #MichED  chat and wonder if anyone has done something similar. The idea is to have Tweet ups for people to gather in different areas of the state and rotate the questions from the Tweet ups. Looking for input how you think it could work or advice if you have done something similar. Thanks!

I'm seeking some input (again) on actions to take to grow the state of WV's Twitter community for educators.  We have a statewide chat #wvedchat  but it's very small.  We rarely have over 8-9 educators chatting.  I'll be the first to admit, WV is very far behind when it comes to promoting and encouraging collaboration with other educators via social media.  That may be part of the reason.  I've started the chat and kept it on life support now for almost a year.  I created a website to host the archives, schedule, etc.  I've personally invited many people, though my schedule is often too busy to keep this up every week and I've got zero help.  I tried to set up a Remind option to allow educators to receive a text reminder about the chat.  Only 3 people signed up for it despite my advertising for about 2 months.  I've reached out to WV educators and WV organizations higher than myself but I can't recall every getting a response from them.  
Any ideas that have worked elsewhere to help grow more statewide support? 

It's been a while but this week kicks off Connected Educators Month. I am helping organize a nationwide chat that will occur at 8pm in YOUR timezone on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.  We are looking for people willing to participate in a GHOA while the chat "walks" across our country. Please let me know if you are interested.

Hello all. I'm hoping someone might have a solution for me! Last Thursday I was not available to archive my state chat and so it didn't happen. Does anyone know of a (preferrably free) tool that will allow me to search a hashtag by date & timeframe?

Also, what are you using for your weekly archive? What are the likes/dislikes? For the last two years I've been using Storify and like that I can edit and build a story by rearranging and enhancing tweets (with a small group of participants it's not too hard to do this). I think I need an automated back up system though when I'm not able to do this. Suggestions?

Hi everyone! I just came across this community! I moderate #ndedchat  Wednesdays at 9 CST we are joining forces with #mtedchat   #wyoedchat   #idedchat   #sdedchat  tonight at 9:30 CST for a #westedchat  

I'm curious. What do you see as the purpose of your state-level ed chat on Twitter? As I browse through a number of the websites, I see some that focus on securing the "big names" in ed tech, I see some that focus on the community, and others that focus on showing off the chat moderators. I'm fascinated with all of the various ways in which we tackle what it is we do. There's no one right or wrong way.

However, I am curious about the questions, concerns, and dialogue you've had with your fellow chat moderators about finding your "niche", and asking critically what your goals are. What are your goals, your aspirations, and more importantly, do you think what you're doing right now is helping you get there?
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