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Hello everyone.!

I am new with Knime, and would like to learn an approach to my very first task wich is as follows:

I have an Excel file (Test Knime) where there are a lot of transactional movements for an inverse bidding, and need to capture the parameters in order to get the lowest bid (Colum: Amount) for each product (Column: Key).

After that, it is needed to make the same study but with grouping the amount column by ranges.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi, I am trying to store a metanode in node repository by following the metanode description shown in org.knime.workbench.repository(pasted below).

Could someone explain more detail about step 5 (Fill out the attributes) ?

I would also like to confirm if "runtime workspace" is /Users/username/knime-workplace or not.



Identifier: org.knime.workbench.repository.metanode

Since: 2.0

Description: This description point allows to provide meta node templates in the node repository. In order to create a meta node template do the following:

Create a meta node within KNIME
Copy the referring directory from the runtime workspace
Paste it into your plug-in directory
Add the extension "org.knime.workbench.repository.metanode"
Fill out the attributes: workflowDir:
point to the directory containing the meta node (make sure to add the directory also to the binary build in build.properties
The name is displayed as the name for your meta node template in the node repository
For internal maintainance
The path to the category where it is placed within the node repository
Optionally specifiy a node after which the meta node template should appear
The icon is displayed in the node repository
describe what your node template does. It is displayed in the node description, when your meta node template is selected

Hi there. I've got the following situation:
I've extracted the name of a file from a string via the 'Column Filter' node, and I want to use this file name as a part of a command in a following step. The idea is, that I start a command line tool, and the filename shall be a part of this command. But as far as I know, I can not give this name to the 'Bash' node (which also has no Input port), and I don't find any way how to use the 'CmdwInput' node for this.

Will it be a good way to use a joiner or merger node to set up the command I want to have, and give this to the 'CmdwInput' node?

Thanks for your help.

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JFYI, that there is, since some time back, an overarching Eclipse RCP / plug-in development community as well.
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