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Diwali Promotion
Diwali Promotion

This morning when I was sitting in our society's park with a disabled Senior Citizen he asked me about YOGA of BKS Ayanger, I replied that the Yoga practioner has written about the Yogasans mainly of Ashtang Yoga of Patanjali. The great Yogic claims as powers of Riddhi & Siddhi are not any external ones but they are achieved by strenghtening one's ability in performing work, Riddhi means aquiring strong determination to do work and Siddhi means sure successful completion of that work. This is the 'practical' achievement of a Yogi.

We in Jalvayu Towers, Sect-56, Grugram, have a Club for Senior Citizens of age 70 and above. Since increase in average-life expentancy, we have put this bar of 70 years. We help one onother and each other by inter acting. We organise very fruitful Six-function for them in a year, for Entertainmnets and for Health & Living. Present membership is of 160 nos. from 1,000 flats in our Society.
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