Name: Fallen Fire
Last Name (if one exists): none
Name Explanation: she has never been free, she has only ever known slavery as he life.
Nickname: Shadow or Killer
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Dragon Pony Unicorn
Gender: Female

Adopted?: No
Mother: Queen Elite Warrior (dead)
Father: Unknown (dead)
Sister(s): None
Brother(s): None
Aunt(s): Unknown
Uncle(s): Unknown
Cousin(s): Carbine (dead)
Grandmother: Unknown
Grandfather: Unknown
Pets(if so list there name(s)):

Fur color: Light Gray
Fur Markings (and color): none
Eye color: Blue
Mane/Tail color: Mane-Dark purple and dark magenta
Tale-Dark indigo and neon green

[Insert picture here]
What the cutie mark is: An energy sword with dragon wings coming out the sides
How he/she earned it: she was training with an energy sword and had earned her dragon wings at the same time

Ear( what kind of ear ring/piercing ): None
Body(Tattoos): None
Hoof(Bracelet): None
Tail(Bow): None
Mane(Hair tye, bow): None
Neck( Tie, Necklace): A neon green sapphire that her mom gave her

Negative Traits (list more if needed)
~Has an insane side named Shadow Night
~Extremely short fused
~Can let her anger te the best of her
~Can let her fear get the best of her
~Can let her past get the best of her
Positive Traits (list more if needed)
~Nice once you warm up to her
~Protects of her friends and family
~She is very loving


She was born a dragon. She is a princess of the CarbineWings (a fanmade dragon tribe I made for the Wings of Fire Amino). She was later kidnapped from her home and was turned into a a part pony dragon surfing under a slave master named Manifest. She went on mission with Moonshine ((Changeling slave)) and with Sky Jack ((Unicorn slave)). She is one of the best slaves there is. But sometimes her insanity can get the best of her and well...kill innocents...Shadow tries to keep it under control. She's been getting better at keeping it under control ever since she and Moon started dating. Although her anger, fear, sadness, and past can get the best of her and make her do things she regrets...but then her friends always forgive her and so does moon.... Moon protects her and comforts her when she needs comforting. And they are still together and are still fighting for their master.

*Sorry if its to long or if its not right*

Name: Katie Dreemurr
Spiecies: Pegisus
Age: 17


are alicorn oc's allowed


Name: Midnight Saffron
Species: Alicorn Filly
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Likes: -
Dislikes: -
Personality: -

Picture: (if you have one. not required, but well appreciated) -

Bio: (if applicable. not required, but, again, well appreciated) Very Shy, but friendly

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Gender: Male
Supportive: yes
Age: 13
Species: morpher jet,pony,human,icon
Girls see him as a comedian: yes
Helps others: all the time
Independent: yes
Strong: yes
Attractive: yes
Special talents: sounds like famous YouTubers
Special abilities: see 10x faster, infinite life, turns own skin into adamantium
Always be at your side: yes
Has his own kingdom: yes
Hobbies: gaming
Favorite food: tacos, doritos, pizza, hamburgers

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