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WishList: Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite. Does anyone have this or any of the components? SEEKING REVIEWS! #adobe   #marketing   #marketingcloud   #socialmediamarketing  

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Some PROVISIONAL findings from this year's State of Corporate Social Media survey (219 responses so far):

* 70% of companies don't have an integrated social CRM system
* 45% can link increased revenue to social media activity
* 41% say social not tightly integrated into broader marketing strategy
* 80% don't have a SoLoMo strategy
* 82% say they're not leveraging power of social as fully as possible
* Only 17% have a gamification strategy
* 52% measure the ROI of their social media activity
* 42% of social media teams are part of the marketing department
* 43% pay for social adfvertising
* 70% say they're not confident they're accurately measuring social's impact
* 51% say their C-suite is convinced of the value of corporate social media

Have your say at the link below...

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Hi all,

We're about to launch the State of Corporate Social Media survey for 2013. We're still at a manageable size, so thought I'd open up for feedback.

You can see a preview of the questions we are asking (there are a LOT) at the link below. 

If there's anything we're missing/spending too much time on, please let me know.

Two things to note:

1) I'll be launching the survey TODAY in our Wednesday Update at 4pm UK time

2) Please don't complete this version - it won't store your responses. I think you all get our emails, so you should be receiving the WU later.



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Aaaand it's launched! Please fill it in - should take 5m and will help ensure the State of Corporate Social Media briefing is bigger and better than ever. Oh, and I'll give you £150 off any USM product for the whole of 2013. Consider yourself bribed.
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