Anyone wanna rp?

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Name; samantha jones
Nickname; sammy or sam
Age: 17
Gender; female
Height; 5'4
Likes: swimming, hiking, music
Dislike:sunrise and sunset and hurting people she loves
Bio; she was born a vampire she tired to hide it from people. She hiked to get away from people.

Likes;animals music
Bio; I'm always shy. I keep to myself. I don't like talking in front of class. I get made fun of. I have no friends. After school I work on a farm. I usually try to skip sports but always end up caught.

Can someone help me with this

Hello anybody?

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(Open rp)
(Pls read story)

We were friends since we we're young. We always got along, well not always. We had just had an argument about your new girlfriend. I had been saying that she was wrong for you but you didn't want to listen. Though you also didn't want to say you agreed either because you were only dating her to get me jealous. We were at school when the argument happened. I wanted you to walk home with me but you said you had to give her a ride. I stormed off and headed home. You came over an hour later, just came right through the door like you always did. I was in my room, hearing the door I cursed for giving you a spare key. You come into my room and we argue some more. I try to leave but you grab me and we stumble. I end up falling on top of you. Prolong myself up to get off you grab me, my thigh. "W-what are you doing?" I asked with tears in my eyes and you...

(Sorry that it's long, if you have questions go ahead and ask)

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Name: Boomer Creeps


Height: 4'6


Personality:out going , funny, daredevil is not popular


Dislikes:mean people ,

Likes:gunpowder , TNT , dark , animals

Bio:is the son of herobrine ran away at the age 5 was found by creeper his own kind and was raised

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Name: Shifter

Age: appears 16

Personality: kind of quick to battle and hates losing, but shy and stays away from people unless wanted

Likes: animals, fighting, people

Dislikes, losing a fight

Bio: was once a normal human and then after a series of experiments and was changed into a highly lethal shape shifter that has magic, and can turn and part of him into a weapon as sharp as steel, and regeneration.

Speices: shapeshifter, bioweapon, summoner, human 

Name: Rosella
Gender: female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 90
skills: singing, cooking, drawing, panting, guitar, piano, fishing
Species: unknown
likes:i like fishing, cooking singing, swimming, YouTube,
dislikes: bugs, snakes, the poplar kids
 Personality: shy, caring, loving, keeps to self
Bio: I am adopted i don't know my mom.I am in college i live with my friends.I try to follow the rules.

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This friend of mine can only rp on kik
A friend needs some roleplayers:
He's a Kingdom Hearts roleplayer
But will roleplay anything as long as he's familiar with it, AU or canon is fine, OCs are allowed, will rp with paragraphs, and is fine with **
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