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BackerKit Live!
A month ago the Free Spacer Kickstarter not only funded, but unlocked all the Sector Archive stretch goals. Thank you all for helping me pay +Kira Magrann, +Johnstone Metzger, and +Melody Watson. Since then, we've been working hard on logistics; finalising shipping, setting up for the archivists, art direction, and branding.

Surveys// Go to BackerKit to fill in your survey and pay any required shipping. You can also upgrade your pledge and add new items. I'll be smoke testing the Survey

Preorder Store// New backers can join the campaign using the Preorder store. Please tell your friends who missed the Kickstarter that they can still join and get a copy of Free Spacer.

$3,000 CAD - A BackerKit Stretch Goal!
The campaign fell short of the Full Colour Stretch goal. The artists and I really want the book to be in colour. So, we're going to keep the stretch goal going. If we raise $3,000 CAD outside of the shipping fees, I’ll upgrade all books – Printed and PDF – to full colour art and layout. So tell all your friends to grab their own copy of Free Spacer.

Hi! I'm one of Kickstarter backers.

I always love sandbox RPG. Could anyone compare Free Spacer to Traveller, or Stars without Number? (Which I already have)

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The #FreeSpacer +Kickstarter is a success! Its been a crazy ride! I want to thank everyone that backed, shared, and helped out.

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I can barely believe it! 46 hours left and we FUNDED, thank you all!!

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The wonderful +Adrian Thoen posted an update about the #FreeSpacer kickstarter on their kickstarter page. Check it out and back both Free Spacer and Impulse Drive because there is space for every sci-fi RPG on your shelf:

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After their experience with the Actual Play, +Eric Vulgaris, +Ben Dutter, +Adam Blinkinsop, and Alice grill me about all the secrets of Free Spacer.

Regarding MRAs, Nazis, and the ilk.
CC: Posthuman Studios' letter 2014 in response to +Adam Jury's recent post

I first heard of Posthuman's announcement about feminism and self-defined "men's rights activists" (MRAs) back in 2014. I was impressed and it made me a fan.

I support feminism's basic principle: treating women as people. Free Spacer is an inclusive game that has the idea of social justice ingrained within it. I have never hidden my politics or claimed to be unbiased. I believe we live in a world where patriarchy and male privilege are real, ongoing problems, and equality for all people, regardless of sex, is a worthy goal.

On top of this, I believe in intersectionality. I stand in solidarity with women, PoC, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2+, and anyone marginalised. The world is not fair and the patriarchy is a white straight wealthy patriarchy. The future needs to get better and it is up to everyone of us, as we make our way in the world, to make it better.

I want the Free Phase community to be one that is inclusive of all viewpoints, but must draw a line when there is a viewpoint that insists on attacking and offending others as an essential aspect of its existence. Free Spacer is about the future, you can use it to tackle many issues, but you should always do so with respect.

I find the politics of MRAs, Nazis, and their ilk to be toxic, offensive, and completely removed from reality. No matter how they may like to cloak their beliefs in the language of inclusiveness and equality, they support neither, and instead fulminate against the loss of privilege long afforded one half of society at the cost of another. Those who must attack the idea of another's equality to better preserve their own benefits are not the sort we wish to encourage. They're likely to do more harm than good in their toxic concern trolling and false equivalencies. So, I am making clear my stance on the issue and the type of community to which we would like to belong.

Here's my stance, the one that I share with Posthuman Studios: If you self-define as an MRA, nazi, or similar, please do not show up. I don't want you. My community doesn't have room for you. I want to be open and inclusive, but Free Spacer is not the place to debate if women are people or whether you have privilege.

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If you missed last week's @EricVulgaris stream of #FreeSpacer it's posted in the YouTube playlist:

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Come join me on +Eric Vulgaris' twitch channel tonight at 6:30 pm PDT, where the crew will grill me about the game based on their experience playing it on Roll20 and twitch:

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One week left on the #FreeSpacer kickstarter and we are so close. To motivate you all, if we fund, the book will have a guaranteed offset print run. Plus +Kira Magrann, +Johnstone Metzger, and +Melody Watson stretch goals are easier to unlock.
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