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What is your definition of sex?
I think: sexy can be tempting to the opposite sex to cause the opposite sex sensation. In this sense, female friends are the easiest to create, such as sexy busty chest, lower abdomen with a mermaid line, slender white legs, delicate and beautiful face, etc. What caused a lot of lethality, especially the plump and sexy chest, was simply the same as killing the scene. The block could not stop the burning eyes.
So, can the CD transvestites have such a charming big breast like a woman? Yes, even if you do not squeeze your chest there is a chance. Wear it, maybe the face will be more passionate.

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How to do chemotherapy vomiting? Can try this trick

Vomiting after chemotherapy is a common side effect. Many cancer patients have to give up chemotherapy because they cannot tolerate vomiting after chemotherapy. Control the problem of vomiting after chemotherapy,
Not only is it helpful to the curative effect of cancer patients, but it can also reduce the pain suffered by patients.
1. Nausea and vomiting? How to explain from a professional perspective

Nausea is a strong desire to spit out stomach contents. It is a subjective feeling of a patient. Severe nausea is often accompanied by autonomic dysfunction.

Vomiting is a strong contraction of the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and abdominal muscles, resulting in a sudden increase in intrathoracic pressure and in coordination with the relaxation of the gastric sphincter, resulting in stomach contents or part of the contents of the small intestine that flows back through the esophagus to the oral cavity.
Nausea and vomiting have a significant negative impact on the patient's emotional, social, and physical functions, reducing the quality of life of the patient.

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Nipple, eczema, long-term recovery should be careful

      Eczema is caused by a variety of internal and external factors in the superficial dermis and epidermis inflammation. In the acute phase, the skin lesions are mainly vesicular herpes, with a prone to exudation, and the chronic phase is dominated by bryophyte, which is prone to repeated attacks. Patients may have pruritus, erythema, papules, papular warts, blisters, erosions, exudates, desquamation, lichenification (briosis), hypertrophy, and cleft palate. Eczema can be divided into acute eczema, subacute eczema and chronic eczema according to the course of disease and clinical manifestations.

      Nipple-like breast cancer should be ruled out if the nipple or areola eczema is long-term.
      Eczema may occur in the ear, hands and feet, limbs and external genitalia and other parts of the anus. Nipples and areola are also sites that are prone to develop eczema, but if the skin appears red, itching, slight pain, exudation, thickening of the skin, scab, scaling, skin erosion, ulcers, etc. Symptomatic treatment is not effective for more than 2 weeks, or repeated recurrence of eczema, we must pay attention. Because this eczema-like change may be caused by a particular type of breast cancer, it is medically known as eczema-like breast cancer, also known as Paget's disease.
      Therefore, when women repeatedly experience skin eczema-like changes in the nipple and areola area, it is recommended that breast specialists rule out the possibility of eczema-like breast cancer.

      How to diagnose breast eczema-like cancer?
      Breast eczema-like cancer is generally diagnosed by pathological examination. The non-invasive method is cytological diagnosis. The doctor uses the method of printing to obtain cells in the eczema site and carries out pathological examination. It may need to be repeated several times. A negative cytological examination does not rule out eczema-like breast cancer. The invasive method is to cut a small piece of skin tissue for pathological diagnosis. The wound can heal within 1 week. Invasive and invasive methods can generally rule out eczema-like breast cancer.
      Since most papillary and areola eczema-like cancer patients have posterior papillary lumps, most of which are invasive breast cancers, doctors often recommend imaging studies such as breast ultrasound or X-rays to detect lesions in other parts of the breast.
      In addition to tumor cells in the epidermis of the papilla and areola, approximately 80% to 90% of patients with breast eczema-like cancer are associated with other types of cancer. Therefore, in addition to the treatment of nipple isola lesions, but also with associated cancer. In general, according to the stages of breast cancer, classification and other factors, select the appropriate surgery, endocrine therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or targeted therapy.

      Breast eczema-like cancer is highly malignant?
      Breast eczema-like carcinoma usually includes three conditions: simple breast eczema-like carcinoma, no other cancer, no axillary lymph node and distant metastasis, early cancer; breast eczema-like carcinoma with intraductal carcinoma, no axillary lymph node and distant metastasis, It is also early stage cancer; breast eczema-like carcinoma with invasive breast cancer should be referenced to the stage of invasive cancer.
      The overall malignancy of breast eczema-like cancer is lower and the prognosis is better. The prognosis of breast eczema-like breast cancer alone is very good, but associated with cancer will lead to poor prognosis. The staging of the disease is mainly related to associated cancer and determines the prognosis.
      Summary: Changes such as redness, itching, slight pain, exudate, skin thickening, scab, scaling, skin erosion, ulcers, etc. occur in nipples, areola, etc., and the effect is not obvious after symptomatic treatment for more than 2 weeks. Repeated recurrence of eczema requires alertness and prompt medical attention to rule out the possibility of eczema-like breast cancer.

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